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Looking Back: Some obscure FromSoftware games

Last time we talked about some lesser-known FromSoftware games, it's time to go beyond it and showcase some obscure titles which were made by the aforementioned company. In case you have missed the previous article, hop in and read it from here. Bear in mind that some of these games aren't worth playing, but they are worth discussing for informative purposes.

Spriggan: Lunar Verse (PS1)
Who would've thought that FromSoftware has actually made a game based on a manga series?  I still remember the first time I discovered this game, I was astonished how obscure it was. For those who are interested, Spriggan is a Japanese manga series written by Hiroshi Takashige and illustrated by Ryôji Minagawa. The manga began since 1989 and ended in 1996. Later on, it received an anime film adaptation in 1998 by Studio 4°C.

After it received an anime film adaptation, Spriggan would get a game adaptation developed by From Liquid Mirror Software and published by FromSoftware for the original PlayStation exclusively in Japan. In case you are wondering about the story in this game, it takes place in the same world of the manga and anime, but focuses on a new character with a different visual style.

In my opinion, the gameplay is pretty similar to that of Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman since both are clunky in terms of controls compared to today's standard. That said, the game is a 3D beat em up that focuses on combat and fast pacing where you beat your foes using karate movements and such techniques similar to that of Oni.

While the gameplay in Spriggan: Lunar Verse isn't the best, you should bear in mind that it was actually progressive for its era. The game introduced other elements which would later be popularized by Devil May Cry. For instance, the game had the ability to mix platforming and combat as well as the ability to switch from melee to long-range combat on the fly. These elements weren't executed properly, but the idea was somewhat impressive for its time, and it's worth checking out the game for that reason. If you enjoy hunting clunky obscure games for historical purposes, this one is for you.
Echo Night: Beyond (PS2)
Previous Echo Night games were fairly known back in the day among horror fans. You would think this game would be known too, right? Wrong. This game went completely under the radar. Hence, this resulted in poor sales compared to its predecessors.

Echo Night: Beyond ( known in Japan as Nebula: Echo Night) is a first-person survival horror game developed and published by FromSoftware on the PS2 back in 2004 in North America and Japan while it was released in 2005 in Europe.

The story is a science fiction ghost story set in the future. Players control a newlywed off for a honeymoon on the moon, unfortunately, the vessel crashes before reaching the intended destination leaving the player alone in an abandoned research base. The protagonist must explore the research base to discover what's happening.

The gameplay is identical to the previous games, but the only difference is the setting. The game is packed with true survival horror elements that will leave players on their toes since the game focuses entirely on bringing a terrifying environment to the player. For instance, during the exploration, players are prone to be haunted by spiritual ghosts that inhabit the area. In addition, strange lunar lights and eerie atmosphere add to the whole game's experience. If you played Echo Night games, and haven't heard of this one, then go get it. However, if you haven't played the previous games, I highly recommend playing them first before trying this one.

Shadow Tower (PS1)
One of those Fromsoftware games that were too progressive for their time much like King's Field was. Despite that, it suffered from various issues such as bad hit detection and how enemies keep avoiding the player's attacks.

Shadow Tower is an RPG developed by FromSoftware for the original Playstation and published back in 1999. The game shares various similarities with FromSoftware's title King's Field. A sequel was released for this game called Shadow Tower: Abyss on the PS2 back in 2003 exclusively in Japan.

The story revolves around Ruus Hardy returning home from a place called Zeptar. Upon his arrival, he discovers that the city has been sucked into the underworld. When all hope is lost, he meets an old man who gives the dark one's sword. This sword is the only mean that can injure the demons. After getting the sword, he swears he will save the old woman who raised him when he was a kid. Ruus descends into the underworld.

The gameplay is pretty similar to King's Field or Eternal Ring if you ask me. However, this game suffers from various issues that will push away a large number of gamers. Nevertheless, I think those who are looking for obscure games might enjoy this one. Still, if you are expecting the best experience, lower your hopes.

The Adventures of Cookie & Cream (PS2)
Who would've thought that FromSoftware developed a cute game such as this?  I was impressed the first time I discovered it by accident, and boy was it a hilarious memory. The Adventures of Cookie & Cream is an adventure game released back in 2000 in Japan and one year after in North America and Europe. The game was later ported to the Nintendo DS back in 2007.

The story is pretty cute as players take the role of Cookie and Cream. Two bunnies who are on their way home on the eve of their clan's 'Moon Festival'. During their walk home, they encounter a messenger who informs them that the moon is gone and that if no one finds it there will never be another festival. As a result, the two bunnies go on a journey to bring the moon back.

The gameplay is pretty unique, and I couldn't find something like it to date. The game has two modes, versus mode and a story mode. In the story mode, your goal is to guide the two bunnies to the intended destination before the time runs out. In addition, the game has other features which you players are familiar with. For instance, when players collect silver watches, they add 20 seconds of time while gold watches add 50 seconds of time as they play through the levels. Cookie and Cream will have to unite together in order to get past obstacles together. This game is best played with a friend. If you like cute games like these, go for it.

Chromehounds (Xbox360)
Now this game isn't obscure that much since it was a bit known when it first came out at the time. However, isn't it surprising how FromSoftware has a handful of mecha games under their portfolio? Luckily, this is one of them.

Chromehounds (クロムハウンズKuromuhaunzu) is a mecha action video game developed by FromSoftware and released on the Xbox 360 back in 2006 worldwide.

The game's story is pretty simple. It is set in an alternate universe where a kind of mecha called HOUNDs battle for control of Neroimus, a fictional region somewhere near the Black Sea. In my opinion, I believe the story is similar to other previous mecha games developed by the aforementioned.

The gameplay is pretty similar to a previous game by FromSoftware game called Metal Wolf Chaos. However, the game may sometimes nudge the player to be strategic rather than attacking the enemy blindly. In addition, the game features a system for personalized customization of the player's mech. In addition to this, the game featured an online multiplayer mode, sadly, it's no more. If you played Metal Wolf Chaos, you will surely like this one.


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