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Twitch only gives streamer a 3 day ban for exposing her full genitals on the site

Image edited for a better view but information is accurate, link to original in the story

Twitch streamer and partner MissBehavinOfficial was banned for 3 days on December 17, 2020, as reported by StreamerBans on Twitter, for bending over and exposing her genitalia live on stream. According to a Tweet from @MissBehavinTV it was an "accident." Looking into it further, MissBehavinOfficial claims that she intended to record a video for her OnlyFans account but accidentally pressed the live button and not the record button. 

Now, I will not claim to know the truth. MissBehavinOfficial could very well have made a careless mistake and accidentally went live when she did not intend to. It is also possible that she planned this out as some sort of publicity stunt to generate interest in her OnlyFans account and Twitch streams. This is not an example of Twitch double standards, it is proof that Twitch has no standards.

In fact, I would say it is a clear message from Twitch that they do not have any actual rules either. Twitch has guidelines that can and will be bent and broken with little to no consequence by those people who generate a lot of money for Twitch. Meanwhile, those who do not have the privilege of being a successful streamer are subjected to a draconian nightmare where simply pointing this fact out could get you booted from the platform.

What MissBehavinOfficial did was not only against the TOS of Twitch, it was against the law. She, whether knowingly or not, exposed herself to minors as well as adults. In a time where people are made to register as a sex offender for pissing in public, it is completely baffling that anyone would look at this incident and think "oopsie" was some sort of acceptable excuse for her behavior. 

If Twitch does not give MissBehavinOfficial a full and permanent ban then it is sending a clear message that it views full on nudity done in a sexual manner to be less offensive than calling someone a "simp". Not only that, it is also clear that Twitch will bend over backward to protect the careers of a few individuals while putting the livelihood of everyone else on their platform at risk. 

Make no mistake, if the authorities were to come down on Twitch for this "accident" it could have dire consequences for people who rely on Twitch to survive. This is especially disturbing when you remember we are still in the midst of a global pandemic and "getting a real job" is becoming increasingly harder for many people. 


  1. She should be in jail, this is completely unacceptable

  2. Oh good...someone repeating the same old bullshit about "Sex offender for pissing in public" even though it has literally NEVER happened ever. Not once. As in, the same number of times you will have sex in your life or your mom will be proud of you. zero. Oh..but you linked to another site about it. Another one that is run by a pathetic idiot who takes hypotheticals and acts like it has happened. Sure, HYPOTHETICALLY a woman might not throw up at the mere thought of seeing you naked. But in reality, it has never happened and never will.

    Fucking hell, at least point to an article about a guy who was caught jerking off outside a woman's window and when caught CLAIMED he was just pissing. But you can't even do that.


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