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Are You A True Gamer? Take the Quiz and Find Out....

Hey everybody, I thought I'd take a step back from posting serious geek content to make a little gaming quiz to help you figure out if you a True Gamer or just some poser trying to look cool in our geek ruled society. This is a 25 question quiz with all the answers at the bottom, but please refrain from looking at them before you answer the questions because that is the behavior of a poser and not a True Gamer, like I am sure all of you will say you are after taking this quiz. Most question are multiple choice, but there are a few true/false questions and one you need to answer yourself. Good luck, you noobs will need it.

Question #1: Is Candy Crush is a real game?
A) Yes, but only by a technicality B) No C) HELL NO!

Question #2: Angry Birds is...
A) Dumb B) A great Crush the Castle clone C) A great game to play on the toilet

Question #3: The Proper way to fix a NES game is to...
A) reset it B) jiggle the console C) blow on the game D) hold the B button down

Question #4: World of Warcraft is...
A) a feeling B) The best MMO ever C) Meh D) better than sex

Question #5: Single player RPGs are...
A) for untalented gaming wannabes B) awesome C) the best weapon in COD 4

Question #6: Would you rather be
A) extremely rich B) have Uber-Micro? C) Fly

Question #7: Mario is to Luigi as Jimmy is to
A) Johns B) Lee C) Billy D) Abobo

Question #8: The greatest gamer of all time is...
A) Billy Mitchel B) Teh Pwnerer C) You are D) Donald Trump

Question #9: The best video game system of all time is...
A) Xbox One B) PS4 C) Nintendo Wii U D) PC E) The one you enjoy with your friends

Question #10: League of Legends is ruining the gaming world!
A) True B) False

Question #11: All Mobile Games Suck!
A) True B) False

Question #12: Finish this phrase BOOM!
A) You're dead! B) Got you C) Palm strike! D) HEAD SHOT!

Question #13: The Mario Bros. Made their debut in...
A) Super Mario Bros. B) Donkey Kong C) Mario Bros. D) Mario Kart

Question #14: The hero of The Legend of Zelda is...
A) Ganon B) Zelda C) Link D) Tingle

Question #15: The Konami code is...

Question #16: The Konami Code debuted in...
A) Contra B) Rush'n Attack C) Galaga D) Gradius

Question #17: To truly Pwn one must...
A) Practice B) be born with it. C) Pwn at all games D) never rage quit

Question #18: The best strategy is always...
A) A 3 dozer build B) one you got online C) the one that always wins, except when Kyle uses it

Question #19: The best game of all time is...
A) Fallout 4 B) Skyrim C) Tic Tac Toe D) Chess E) Go F) RL

Question #20: I'm coming at your base with two rockvees and an ambo – you've got a Jarmen, two scorps, and a quad. What do you do?

Question #21: Modern games are..
A) Too easy B) Too short C) Too expensive D) Pay to win E) All of the above

Question #22: Modern gamers are
A) Too casual B) Too sensitive C) Mostly older women D) All of the above

Question #23: If you suck at a game you should...
A) Rage quit! B) Break your controller C) Git good!

Question #24: The worst thing to happen to games is...
A)Day 1 DLC B) Pre-Order Bonuses C) Microtransactions D) Pewdie Pie

Question #25: Did you actually take this quiz without cheating?
A) Yes B) No C) Yes, but I skipped some questions D) No, but only for question 20!

Answer Key
1) A 11) B 21) B
2) B or C 12) D 22) D
3) C 13) C 23) C
4) A or C 14) C 24) D
5) B 15) D 25) A
6) B 16) D
7) C 17) C
8) B 18) C
9) E 19) D
10) B 20)* see below

Answer for Question 20:
Snipe the ambo with Jarmen and target both Scorps on the first rockvee, their missiles will insta-gib it. Kite back with all units while Jarmen picks off the MDs and the Quad adds some DPS. As soon as the Scorp missiles are re-loaded, turn around, engage the second rockvee and clean up the remainder with an a-move. EZPZ.

0 = Total Noob
1- 5 = Not as bad as Kyle, but still pretty bad
6- 10 = You don't totally lick my balls!
11-15 = Oh look, a trained noob.
16- 20 = You are a true gamer!
21- 24 = Congrats, you are 1337!
25= You are an Uber-Gamer!

26 = Hacker!