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Uncensored sex scenes found in Terminator: Resistance Steam version

On November 14, 2019 Terminator: Resistance was released on PC through Steam. Afew days later, on November 18, 2019, it was discovered there were files with uncensored versions of the in game sex scenes still in the game's files. These were not hardcore graphic scenes, rather they simply showed off the breast of the female characters. The story of uncensored sex scenes in Terminator: Resistance began to spread all over the internet and one Twitter user made a public tweet about it. In a surprise move Teyon, the Poland base company behind Terminator: Resistance, replied to the tweet and said the scenes were changed due to Sony and Microsoft. Teyon has since deleted their tweet but archives and screenshots of it are out there.
Screenshot edited to protect the non famous
Terminator: Resistance currently has a PEGI 16 rating in Europe and a ESRB M rating in the rest of the world. It should be noted that the PEGI board rates games slightly different from the ESRB board and as such Terminator: Resistance would get a PEGI 18 rating if the uncensored sex scenes were left in the game but still retain a ESRB M rating. This may seem like a non issue until you realize parents can be charged with neglect for allowing their kids to play PEGI 18 games according to this Sky News story. The North American console versions of the game has been pushed back to a January 7, 2020 release date, which would allow EU Xmas sales to be unaffected should the scenes be added back in for the North American release. Sony, Microsoft, and Teyon have remained tight lip about the situation since the now deleted Teyon Tweet but we will report on any new information that may come forward about this situation.

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