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Maitetsu-Pure Station is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch

Japanese game developer Lose and publisher Circle Entertainment are bringing the visual novel Maitetsu to the Nintendo Switch and PS4 some time in Januarary 2020 as Maitetsu- Pure Station. The game will be fully voiced in Japanese with English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles. On Switch you can buy either a physical or digital copy of the game for $34.99. A deluxe edition only available on the Switch cost $95.99 and includes a copy of the Nintendo Switch game, a photo album, a mouse pad, and a calendar. There will be no physical release on PS4, opting for a digital only release at $34.99. This release will be the all ages Hikari Field published version of the game.
A look at the deluxe edition goodies

Maitetsu-Pure Station tells the story of Sotetsu, a young man who lost his family in a rail accident and was adopted by a family of brewery owners, who is trying to stop an airplane factory from being built in his hometown of Ohitoyo. Sotetsu must convince those in town who are in favor of the factory that the pollution it would bring to the river near the town would be too high a price to pay for financial gain. This is complicated by the fact that Ohitoyo is going through a bit of a budgetary issue and really needs the money the factory deal would bring. As Sotetsu attempts to figure out how to save his hometown he accidentally wakes up the android-like RailLord Hachiroku who agrees to help him on his quest.

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