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Tips and Tactics: Judgment PS5 final side cases

Sega recently released Judgment, their 2019 Yakuza title, for the PS5. When I cleared the story, I spent roughly 50 hours following the narrative along with clearing some of the side cases. For those wondering, in order to clear every side case, you must also befriend everyone you possibly can in Kamurocho. My total time ended up at over 70 hours played.

Believe it or not, part of this stemmed from a mistake I made with my money. My limited VR Passes, my unwillingness to clear the final difficulty of Drone Racing, and my abhorrence towards beating Mahjong lead me to farm money for hours on end. Since I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did and so you can actually wrap up the game and move on with your life, I'll write up a simple guide for you to follow.

The good news is you do not have to finish the Drone Races. In fact, you only have to finish the first course. Doing so will trigger a new friend event. The bad news is you will have to search for 50 QR codes within Kamurocho. Thankfully, they're not only relatively easy to find but can be even easier to discover with a guide. Also, you do not have to complete the Labs in Quickstarter to finish side cases so keep that in mind.

With that said, save your Play Passes for VR Paradise. This is by far the best way to earn yen but you also can only enter with a certain number of passes. Try to go for Normal courses preferably on the highest possible length with each run. Don't bother with the challenge as it's high-risk high-reward and not worth the chance of losing everything you won. If you want the unlimited play pass, this means clearing the hardest difficulty of Drone Racing which I don't think is worth losing your sanity over.

Beating Mahjong might be the most annoying part, so I'm going to help you with this one super quickly. Farm 10,000 SP, go to Morio in the sewers and buy the Nine Gates Tile. When you enter the Mahjong parlor, do not use it. Instead, pick the easy table and just eventually win without it. This will trigger a friend event with a girl who invites you to her own Mahjong parlor. 

When you enter her parlor, use the Nine Gates Tile only if you are the Wareme. If "Wareme" isn't over your name, save-scum and repeat until you are. All you have to do is pick the tile on the far right and you should win. If you did not win immediately, reset and repeat once more. You should knock out both birds with one stone (win a game and win a game as Wareme) and never have to worry about being required to beat Mahjong for completion ever again.

For another one, defeat the Keihin Gang in one go on the same threat level. Save-scum after beating each one just in case you go down. You won't have to worry about anything until you've cleared the rest of the side cases which, in turn, will trigger the penultimate side case.

Also, make sure you regularly check the three spots for jobs: Yagami Detective Agency, Bar Tender, and Genda Law Office. At one point, the latter might be disabled because Saori is helping Yagami on a case. 

You do not have to fret about missing any Friend Event or side cases All of these are unlockable, post-game, in the Premium Adventure mode. This will allow you to roam Kamurocho with all possible side events available. Also, make sure you are checking KamuroGo to see how many side cases and friend events you have left. You can check one of the menus and hit Triangle to display all friends you've buddied up with. 

Finally, when you face the final side case's superboss, stack yourself up on healing items and stat-boosting tonics in your shortcuts. He can steal your cellphone, thus disabling your menu, but you can still get buff tonics and healing items from the shortcuts you mapped.

I hope this guide will be of help to you. Also, be sure to follow our social media links below.