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Collider publishes a "review" on Baldur's Gate III and skips the important stuff to discuss SJW garbage

It takes a truly terrible article to get me to discuss it in lieu of the issues brought up by it but Collider recently ran an article titled ‘Baldur’s Gate III’ Review: Can Larian Studios Save ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ From Itself? and it is pants on your head stupid. Right off the bat the article is based on a bad premise because D & D doesn't need to be saved from itself. The world of D & D, it's community, and game system itself was perfectly fine before the recent influx of wannabe RPG gamers like the articles author came stomping in demanding the game change to appease their delicate senses.
Austin Jones, the author of this "review", lets readers know the game has bugs and various issues that make gameplay hit or miss but quickly dismisses those things as unimportant because "...these are the kinds of things Larian Studios, the game’s developer, is well aware of." You had one job Austin. So, if these things are not important enough to warrant a discussion in a review of the game then what is? SJW nonsense of course!

Austin is here to push the "racial essentialism" narrative that SJWs and their ilk have been pushing for the last few years. It all started when idiots tried to claim that Orcs from various fantasy setting such as Lord of the Rings were a representation of blacks. They further went on to claim that Orcs being evil by nature was a way for "white supremacist" to portray blacks as evil. Yes, they actually said this stupid ass shit. 

Baldur's Gate III doesn't have an Orc playable race in the game, much to Austin's chagrin, but it does have a Tiefling race available. Now, Austin would have you believe that Tieflings are a result of a Fiend and human bumping uglies and the resulting offspring is ostracized from society. Austin says this is bad and is a "signal" that mixed race people are evil in nature. What the absolute fuck is Austin smoking? A "Fiend" is essentially a demonic creature so being half devil would probably make a lot of people justifiably uneasy around you. 

Now, if the Tiefling were the singular half breed race in D & D then maybe Austin would have some semblance of a point but they are in fact merely one "race" among many that are half breeds. Now, most of these half breed races are essentially devil plus humanoid creature, the Aasimir are a celestial half breed race. Half-Elves and Half-Orcs, although not in this game are seen as neutral races that can be good or evil. Essentially I am saying that Austin is full of shit.

Austin goes on to complain about the treatment of various half-Elf races, still not getting that humans in D & D can be any real world race and "race" as it is used in the game is actually closer to species than race. In the real world we all agree that people should not be humping all the other animals on the planet so if there were a half-man half-gorilla hybrid I am sure people would be freaked the fuck out by it and ostracize it from society.

Austin complains a bit about the combat in Baldur's Gate III while praising the dialogue. It almost seems like the SJW nonsense is behind us and we will get a real review of the game, unfortunately the cancer was only in a brief remission and we once again get subjected to utter nonsense. This tiem, Austin complains that he can't be a fatty adventurer.

I understand it is a fictional world where "anything" can happen, but it is still trying to maintain some sense of verisimilitude. It would look completely fucking dumb to see 400 pound Tieflings bounding across the world despite the fact that many of the people playing the game are not in as good as shape as the characters they are playing. Austin is almost gleeful to discuss that you can play as versions of characters that go against the established lore because fuck canon, I wanna be a green haired purple Elf!

The rest of the "review" is littered with nonsense but it isn't as bad as the sections I highlighted. Austin Jones was suppose to give us a review of Baldur's Gate III and instead decided to get up on a soapbox and talk down to people who have been playing D & D since Gary Gygax dropped it on the world. This is exactly what is wrong with modern gaming journalism and "geek culture." People from outside the community coming in and telling those inside it how things should be and if you resist then you're a -ist of some kind. Fuck that noise and fuck people like Austin Jones!


  1. After reading the Collider review, I entered a state of despair. How could this Austin fellow have missed the point so painfully? D&D is not about serious, real-world Race issues, its about roleplaying and having some fun!

    If everyone was the same, we would never be able to enjoy the differences that make us special!

  2. SJWs infect everything they touch. Here they are taking the name of a fun game that was popular and trying to use its name to push their disgusting politics. I am looking to buy a game without their sickening leftist ideology.


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