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First impressions: Void Trrlm();//Void Terrarium on PS4

Void Trrlm();//Void Terrarium(henceforth Void Terrarium) is a rogue-like dungeon crawler with Tamogatchi elements thrown in. You play the role of Robbie the robot who is tasked with saving Toriko, the last human alive on Earth. As Robbie you have to explore dungeons to gather items to create things Toriko needs to survive while also gathering food for her to eat and cleaning up the waste she produces. Assisting Robbie is a talkative computer screen who just may be responsible for all the humans being dead.

So far I am having a great time exploring dungeons and gathering resources. The random elements, such as dungeon layouts and level up bonuses, really make each dive into a dungeon a strategic endeavor and not just your typical rogue-like dungeon crawl loop. The writing is both funny and endearing, with Robbie being very expressive despite his inability to speak. I look forward to seeing exactly where the story is going as well as what other information about the state of Void Terrarium's world is dropped. For a quick look at the dungeon crawling in Void Terrarium I've included a short video of me tackling one.


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