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Production update for "Sexy" Windblade from Flame Toys

Image courtesy of Flame Toys
Back in February we let you all know that "sexy" Furai Windblade from Flame Toys was still being produced. Today, we are happy to have an exclusive production update from Flame Toys.


Thank you for your inquiry.

I'm currently stopped by a COVID-19 problem.
But about one year later it will be released.

There is no sale cancellation.

Please look forward to it.


It looks like "sexy" Windblade is still going to be made, however fans will have to wait a bit longer for it. While I am glad to hear it is still getting made, I still have concerns as a year is a long time and any number of things can happen between now and when it is suppose to release. If we get any further updates we will be sure to keep you in the loop. If you think this is worth it, please share it on social media.