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Azur Lane made an oopsie but missing loading screens are now back!

Azur Lane loading screen by the artist Hisasi
We reported before on an Azure Lane loading screen fiasco, but the latest debacle is over before it could garner much attention. Despite this quick end, some outlets and Azur Lane fans were able to spread the fake news around the situation. That said, for those out of the loop and with no idea what I am talking about, allow me to give a brief rundown of this newest oopsie.

Artist Hisasi drew a Belfast and Azuma loading screen that appeared in the mobile game Azur Lane. On December 27, 2019 the Azur Lane team implemented some hot fixes to the game, as seen in this Tweet. Almost immediately fans of the shipgirl game noticed the Hisasi loading screen was missing. Of course, those looking to stir the pot and farm outrage starting accusing the game of bowing to SJW pressure. With the weekend upon us and no official statements from the Azur Lane staff, fans were left scratching their heads. Luckily the Azur Lane staff moved quickly to not only fix the issue but to explain what happened. On December 28, 2019 the Azure Lane team made the following Tweet.

Now, there will be many to claim the Azur Lane staff is lying. That they bent the knee to SJW pressure but walked it back after they saw the building outrage. To those people, I sincerely ask to step back from the crazy culture war and start to look at thing objectively. Reach out and talk to staff members before jumping to conclusions and whipping your fans up into a frenzy. Focus on truth and facts you can prove and not racking up as many clicks as possible.

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