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Here are some helpful resources for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Welcome to the Super Smash Bros. Help Desk. In this article, I'll lay out several options for struggling players to find the best resources to help them improve. Whether you're looking to train for tournaments, find your direction, or climb above a plateau, the internet hosts a slew of databases and resources for players of all levels.

I know how hard it can be to find help when you begin rising competitively. Even top players struggle from time to time. I hope these resources can be of help to you the next time you enter a tournament.

One of the first places players look for help is Discord. Thanks to Discord, you can find channels for every character in the game. Each channel comes with guides for each character as well as numerous players who can both offer advice and take on challengers.Check out the full list of channels here.
As a member of the Ike Discord myself, I do what I can to help out players with matchups and metagame. I've also included several videos featuring matches or methods to update the character's meta. Seeking mentors and advice on Discord is great as it allows you to ask questions directly to players.
When you visit SSBWiki, you'll come across an in-depth character database. Featuring movesets and attributes, you can count on SSBWiki to cover patch updates for each character. In fact, I recently used this guide for the latest patch to check Donkey Kong's updates.

While Nintendo outlines basic changes to each character, SSBWiki's editors test them out specifically. You can find the write up of Donkey Kong I referenced here.
This site hosts a database of matchup charts and tier lists. You can also find player profiles and matches between high level players. Be sure to check out the featured blogs, too. I put together a quick list of training tips for beginners and veterans.
Poppt's Channel
One of the most influential sources I've used recently is Poppt's channel. As a player who analyzes the mindsets of top players, he's offered great wisdom in the ways of ledgetrapping, recovering, and even playing neutral. His methods include step-by-step guides and are listed near the end of each video for quick reference. Be sure to watch and subscribe to him here.

Ultimate Frame Data
Finally, Ultimate Frame Data hosts a compilation of frame data for each character. More recently, the site has included out of shield (OoS) options as well as hitbox animations. If you're in need of a quick guide on the roster's frame data, be sure to keep up with the site. You can also find many character attributes, from weight to run speed here.
One last piece of advice
When you're playing against a better opponent, be sure to ask questions. Ask where you went wrong or what you can do to deal with a character's tools. Players want to help other players get better and you'll usually gain good advice. Remember to humble yourself and learn new things from other players. Smash is a growing scene after all. The advice you learn from other players will spring you forward more than the dozens of hours you spend training if you find yourself going nowhere.

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