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Square Enix launches Various Daylife on Apple ArcadeSM

 On September 20th of 2019 Square Enix announced that Various Daylife is now available on the Apple ArcadeSM. Various Daylife was developed by the people behind OCTOPATH TRAVELER™ and BRAVELY DEFAULT™. The game is free with the $4.99 Apple ArcadeSM subscription. The story sees you cast in the role of a colonist exploring the newly discovered continent of Antoecia.
Various Daylife is being called a simulation RPG by the staff at Square Enix. In practice this means you will create a settlement, go out and forage for materials to upgrade the settlement, return home to the settlement and use said materials to upgrade said settlement. You will be aided by computer controlled allies as you explore the newly settled continent. Additionally you will be limited to the number of items you can take with you on these expeditions, so strategizing what to bring along is a big part of the gameplay.
Battles in Various Daylife are typical RPG fair with a few twists. You can utilize three unique commands to damage your enemy. Change can inflict status effects on the enemies. Chain has you linking status effects by working with an ally. Finally, Chance gives you the opportunity to deliver a devastating final blow.
Various Daylife utilizes a job system that features standard jobs like Cleric and unique ones like Politician. In total there are 20 different possible jobs to use. While some jobs will be available from the start, others will be earned by playing through the story. You can increase the parameters and expertise in each job by completing over 100 different work tasks. Square Enix feels this system will give players the freedom to play the game in a way that matches their desired playstyle.

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