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5 Ways Cross Platform Gaming Will Heat Up The Console Wars!

With the announcement that Microsoft and Sony might finally be open to cross platform play many are calling it the end of the console wars, however I am here to tell you why that idea is completely and ridiculously wrong! You see, with Microsoft and Sony joining hands things are only going to get hotter between the two. I now present for your reading enjoyment, 5 Ways Cross Platform Gaming Will Heat Up The Console Wars!

#5 Xbox One VS PS4 Call of Duty matches
Image the trash talk and gloating when 5 Xbox One players go up against 5 Playstation 4 players in a team death match! Each side defending their console of choice as bullets fly across the battlefield and noobs are pwned hard!

#4 The best players use ____!
Without a doubt fans of any online game franchise will point to the best players of the game and whatever console they play the most. Now, we can finally see the best Xbox One players go head to head wit the best PS4 players without having to give up their controller of choice. The results will be epic and give one side a ton of bragging rights.

#3 Server troubles now come with extra ridicule
Right now when the Xbox or Playstation servers have trouble you can at least feel good knowing everyone else is having the same problem, but now when one side goes down of experiences slow down the other side is sure to sling every insult in the book at them. Even worse would be a server going down while your opponents all game on the opposite console allowing them to pwn your lagging ass.

#2 Exclusive DLC will still separate players by console
Despite cross console play becoming a reality exclusive DLC or DLC dropped early on one console over the other will still keep some players from ever experiencing this new phenomenon. Sadly I fear console exclusive DLC will become more rampant just like the next reason...

#1 Console exclusives will matter even more now
As it stands now, a lot of players grab the console all the friends decide to play on. However, with cross platform gaming you no longer have to buy and Xbox just because all your buddies own one. No, you can get a PS4 and still game with them no problem at all. That now means people will buy consoles solely based on what exclusive games of content that system is going to have. Gamers rejoice, we just got better games and DLC thanks to cross platform gaming!