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 Yes, the hiatus has ended and we will be back to cranking out the quality content this website is known for starting October 1st 2021! To those who stuck around during our unannounced hiatus, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I didn't want to be away from writing but personal issues forced me to step back for a bit. To those who left, I hope we can convince you to give us another shot by delivering in depth reviews, exclusive interviews, and hard hitting investigative journalism.

Of course the GeekGetaway YouTube channel will be used to add an additional layer to the website and the two will work in tandem to cover issues from all angles and create complimentary video essays and gameplay videos. If you prefer to sit around and chat with other geeks then the weekly Gabbing with Geeks livestreams will be there to keep you company as you pwn noobs. It is a weekly party and you never know what will happen or who will join in to chill with us. 

To get down to the nitty gritty of the website, the current plan is to have at least one new piece of content(review, preview, editorial, ect.) posted every day. I know this has proven to be a bit much in the past but I feel like I have finally found the right life balance to pull it off. Again, thank you for visiting the site and I hope to see you come often!