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Get your Earthworm Jim fix from Tubi!

In 1994 Earthworm Jim was released and quickly became a favorite game among critics and gamers alike. People loved the wacky premise and the beautiful artwork. A sequel was released a year later and again it was well received by nearly everyone. In between the 2 games an Earthworm Jim cartoon was developed and aired on Kids WB in 1995. Earthworm Jim the cartoon series was also well recieved and it is fondly remembered by 90's kids.

Sadly, the cartoon was lost to time as it was only released on 3 VHS tapes with 2 episodes per tape in the UK. In 2011 a 5 disc set featuring the complete series was released in Australia and New Zealand but the US release was delayed a few times. You can buy Earthworm Jim DVDs off of Amazon, but there are not very many for sale at the moment.

That's where Tubi comes in. The free with commercials TV streaming service currently has all 23 episodes of the cartoon available to watch on your TV, computer, or other streaming devices that have Tubi enabled. You should be aware that the second season has PAL formatting so the pitch may be a bit off to some of you. If you enjoy cartoons like Animaniacs then I highly recommend you give the Earthworm Jim cartoon a watch.