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E3 digital event is confirmed for mid-June and Nintendo will be present

Earlier this week, the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) has confirmed that they will host a digital event between June 12 - June 15. Additionally, this event confirms a number of developers and publishers with the most notable name being Nintendo. Known especially for last year's software drought, Nintendo had little to offer in the way of new, first-party software releases besides Animal Crossing. 2020 also marked an entire year without a Nintendo Direct, as in a full-fledged digital showcase dedicated to upcoming releases.

However, as the COVID pandemic shows signs of finally slowing down thanks to the introduction of the vaccine, video game companies and fans are expecting life to return to normal soon. As such, Nintendo has showcased their first Direct in over a year featuring Pyra/Mythra in Smash as well as a number of upcoming software releases like Famicom Detective Club for Nintendo Switch. With that being said, as well as a number of releases on the horizon, it's all but certain that Nintendo will pull out all the stops for this year's E3.

Despite Sony's disappearance from this year's E3, likely due to them consistently showing their own State of Play event, all eyes are on Nintendo this year. Along with the upcoming Smash Bros. DLC, with all of 2 slots remaining, Nintendo fans are asking for countless games to come out. Not the least of which is the long-awaited sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this year also celebrates the 35th anniversary of two of Nintendo's storied franchises: Zelda and Metroid. As such, fans will no doubt expect remakes or ports of their favorite Zelda games to come to Switch along with the long-awaited showcase of Metroid Prime 4.

Nintendo Switch offers a number of wonderful titles. Yet among its highest selling games includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a 2017 port of a 2014 Wii U title. However, rather than Mario Kart 9, which still sells and is played to this day, Nintendo could capitalize on marketing a new racing game to their fans. Either Kirby Air Ride or F-Zero would make for a welcome surprise for many fans who miss the GameCube iterations which have not been seen in nearly 20 years.

We could spend all day speculating what Nintendo might showcase at E3. However, it's worth noting that their presence indicates a confirmed selection of games coming later this year. As opposed to waiting with bated breath for a hopeful confirmation of a Nintendo Direct, rest assured. You have much to look forward to in June of this year!

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