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CD Projekt Red DMCAs Cyberpunk 2077 leaks; idiot thinks it violates free speech

Recently game developer Olivia Hill Tweeted out that CD Projekt Red were "...copyright striking people making fun of Cyberpunk 2077." This is objectively false as CDPR are actually DMCAing anyone who is posting leaks of their unreleased game. It doesn't matter if you are being positive, negative, or just riffing on the game. If you use leaked material CD Projekt Red will most likely DMCA you and they have been very clear on that as seen in this Tweet.

Olivia then went on to say "I’m sure the “free speech” warriors obsessed with them will be up in arms and take them to task for “anti-consumer” behavior, right? Right?" There is a lot wrong with this, foremost the idea that "free speech" is somehow being used disingenuously by people. The fact is, people who are pro free speech are very vocal whenever they feel it is being violated, unfortunately for Olvia what she thinks is a free speech issue and what actually is a free speech issue are not always the same.

Furthermore, to call what CD Projekt Red is doing anti-consumer is a total misrepresentation of what anti-consumer practices are. There is actually an argument to make that what CD Projekt Red is doing, removing leaks from the internet, is actually pro-consumer as it is spearing potential customers from spoilers and misinformation.

The entire reason Olivia Hill is made that Tweet was to rile up people to once again attack CD Projekt Red. It is a thing "Olivia" has been doing for quite some time as "she" keeps spreading the lie that CDPR are transphobic. Before Olivia transitioned it was very apparent that people did not like her and she has been using the trans card ever since to deflect criticism and paint her critics are bigots. 

The saddest part is the fact that Olivia has over 12K followers on Twitter, so there will be quite a lot of useful idiots parroting Olivia's stupid take. Olivia may even get quoted in another Ana Valens hitpiece aimed at CDPR. Too bad all the pouting and tantrum throwing will not keep Cyberpunk 2077 from being judged on its merits. If the game is good then it will be very successful and Olivia will have to live with the fact that no one cares what Olivia has to say about the game.