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[Updated, Melody is unbanned!] Projekt Melody banned from Twitch after 3D modeler DigitrevX claims ownership over her body!

[Update: Projekt Melody has been unbanned by Twitch but we have yet to hear the reason why.]

The lewd Vtuber by the name of Projekt Melody was recently banned from Twitch and the internet was a buzzing with theories. Some people thought it was a coordinated effort from jealous cam girls. Some people thought Projekt Melody was banned for accidental nudity on streams. There was even a small contingent of people who thought this was some sort of publicity stunt. With Melody herself quiet on the issue people were getting a bit antsy and several YouTube commentators and article readers came out with videos blasting Twitch and/or Twitch streamers.

The truth, as revealed by Melody herself in a Twitlonger, is that the original artist (DigitrevX) behind Projekt Melody has DMCA'd every single every single VOD of Melody's on Twitch. DigitrevX is claiming he owns the Projekt Melody IP despite Melody providing proof that Projekt Melody, and all associated IP, was paid for in full. It should be noted that no Vtuber had gotten as big as Melody has prior to her sale and this could be a case of sour grapes on the part of DigitrevX who feels he sold Projekt Melody for too little.

As of the time of writing this article DigitrevX has a pinned Tweet on his Twitter account comparing Melody to his Vtuber YFU, with him calling Melody a "dinosaur." Right now Melody has 345K Twitter followers while DigitrevX's YFU has a mere 16.4K followers. Clearly, in my opinion, DigitrevX thought he could simply create his own Vtuber and reach the heights Melody has achieved but when it didn't happen he lashed out at Melody. DigitrevX has yet to put out a public statement, that I could find, in regards to Melody's Twitlonger.

Now then, there will be some people who will blame Melody's ban on Twitch's "broken" DMCA system but those people would be grossly misinformed. The issue is with the DMCA itself. Twitch has to follow the DMCA, which is not a person or a rule, to the letter of the law or else they could be in legal trouble themselves. Unless DigitrevX drops his DMCA claims or it is decided in court it looks like Melody will be off of Twitch indefinitely. It is even possible for DigitrevX to make DMCA claims on Twitter and YouTube and deplatform Melody legally. We will keep you updated if any new information is revealed.