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Tips and Tactics: Kirby Fighters 2

HAL Laboratories and Nintendo recently released Kirby Fighters 2 for Nintendo Switch. Serving as the sequel to Kirby Fighters Deluxe for 3DS, this title offers a new campaign and online mode. However, it will certainly pose a challenge for players new and old alike.

In Kirby Fighters 2, the game offers you nearly two dozen copy abilities which you can unlock over the course of the game. While the initial few challenges in Story Mode are easy, it pays to know your best advantages when conquering the last couple of challenges. Keep these tips in mind as you progress through the tower to take down Meta-Knight and King Dedede!

Use the environment to your advantage
It pays to know how to use the environment in Kirby Fighters 2. Similar to Smash Bros., Kirby Fighters 2 utilizes arenas with obstacles. These can damage friends and foes alike.

Depending on the enemy you're up against, you may be better off not approaching. If you let the enemy come to you, they might get slapped by the hands in the background or the train running across the rails. Stay out of harm's way and let the arena help you win.

Stock up on Attack, HP, and Charge
After each battle, the game offers you a chance to increase one of your stats. In a game reliant on heavy damage and endurance, it pays to prioritize boosting attack and HP. It can help to also invest in Boss Damage medals or partner boosts as well.

Certain boosts, like those related to specific character boost damage, won't help against bosses. Items related to healing mid-match or effect boosts also won't do any good. In addition to Attack and HP boosts, however, players can benefit from post-battle healing to survive between matches. Boosted Charge will also help with the use of Fighter Kirby's charged fireball or Sword Kirby's spin as well. These attacks deal the most damage against bosses and will prove more helpful than others.

No Invincibility Frames
Unlike past Kirby games, Fighters 2 doesn't rely on invincibility frames. Players familiar with using invincibility frames against bosses in True Arena mode might be in for a rude awakening. It's best to acknowledge the hazards against enemies when trying to approach.

With that being said, focus on protecting yourself and attacking at a range. If you're using a close-ranged combatant, pelt your enemies with attacks at a safe space. If you're fond of using Spin Attack with Sword Kirby or Hammer Kirby in past titles, it will pay off to learn new strategies.

Try Fighter Kirby
Out of all the Kirbies, I found Fighter Kirby to be my favorite. Unless you prefer attacking at a range, if you enjoy close-combat powers more, Fighter Kirby will help. Ironically, his best ability comes from attacking at a range.

Since this game involves having partners to aid you, the A.I. partner can take hits while you charge. The A.I. tends to be none-the-wisest as you demolish them with charged fireball attacks. This is where Charge and Attack boosts become the most prominent.

Try Meta-Knight for Solo Single-Handed Mode on Very Hard
If you've cleared the main story mode all the way and still seek a challenge, try Solo Single-Handed Mode on Very Hard difficulty. Without a partner, however, it won't be worth trying to camp enemies. This is where new tactics will come in.

I found Meta-Knight to be the most effective character to get through this mode. He feels like a Sword Kirby+ because of his Shuttle Loop ability and superior flight mobility. His ever-damaging charged Spin Attacks will surely lead you to victory.

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