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October 19, 2020 Website update

What's up meat bags? It's been quite a while since I just talked directly to you all about what is going on behind the scenes here at the Geek Getaway. So, Google has decided to once again restrict ads on the site. This seems to happen every time we get past 10K views and it really brings the mood down behind the scenes. It's not a huge deal as the site still hasn't turned a profit but it is a gut punch that has slowed us down a bit. On a more positive note, the site has reached 20K views for the month of October and we still have 12 days to go for the month.

The YouTube channel is going pretty well but I still need to buy a microphone and web cam so I can have a proper setup going. I am planning to livestream soon as well as make some let's play videos. Of course I will still rant and rave on YouTube but I think I may mix in some commentary videos in there. I need to work out a schedule and I will be sure to let you all know when I get one set. The last thing in regards to the YouTube channel, I want to hit 200 subs by the end of the year so if you are not subbed then get to it! Sub here!

People have been asking if we are on Facebook or Instagram and unfortunately we have not broke into those areas yet. I handle 90% of the workload at the site and I am not able to add more work on to my plate at this time. I will try to eventually get on those platforms but right now the site only has a Twitter presence in regards to social media. Follow us here!

The site proper is still going through some growing pains and I will try my hardest to get more non gaming content put up on the site. The staff here and I have interests beyond just gaming and we would love to share it with you all. I hope you guys will love reading it as much as we are going to love writing it. Well, that's everything for now, talk you meat bags later!