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There is no reason to believe that Pedro Pascal has quit the Mandalorian

For quite some time, YouTuber and comic book writer Grace Randolph has hinted at having a"huge scoop" in regards to the Disney+ show The Mandalorian. On September 15, 2020 during here Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer reaction video she finally divulged the big secret. Prior to giving up the goat, Grace claimed to have gotten confirmation from a second source and even implied that the big news outlets were refusing to break the story she had. Pedro Pascal had quit the show midway through the second season. 

Now, before Grace even spills the tea, she tells her audience she hopes the issue she is going to reveal was resolved for season 3. This is, of course, to set up an out for Grace when it turns out she is wrong. The old, "well, I said it could be resolved before season 3 so I wasn't wrong they just aren't admitting it guys." Grace goes on to say that Pedro was upset that he had to film his scenes with his helmet on and became difficult to be around on set due to him wanting to act with it off. This is odd as 2 other actors have been reported to be wearing the full Mandolorian suit for scenes in season 1 and 2 as both stunt doubles and stand in for Pascal when he was unavailable to be on set.

Grace cited an interview with Jon Favreu in Entertainment Weekly as "proof" that this happened because in that interview Favrue said the second season of The Mandalorian would feature storylines and characters that don't involve The Mandalorian. I would imagine that episodes that tell the back story of characters like Moff Gideon or Cara Dune would not feature the titular Mandalorian as he wasn't in either of their lives prior to the show.

Now, Pedro Pascal, Disney, and everyone else connected to the show has given zero indication that this rumor holds any water but it didn't stop outlets like Bounding Into Comics to run with Grace's story. As Bounding Into Comics is a favorite source for many YouTube personalities the rumor was soon featured in many of their videos. Despite this not a single mainstream website or personality has made any mention of this rumor.

Now, Mike Sutton of Geekosity has claimed he has his own "inside source" and he was told that PEdro Pascal did not in fact leave the show. Phil Szostak, who works for Lucasfilm, Tweeted out that he was on set during the last months of filming and was able to say hello to Pedro Pascal. I'm sure anti-Disney conspiracy theorist will claim Phil was ordered by the Great Mouse to make the Tweet and squash this rumor, but I tend to stay away from that kind of thinking.

Now, this site has used anonymous and inside sources in the past but we have always gone to great lengths to personally verify who they are and that they would in fact have access to the type of information they are providing to us. We have even shown our sources to an independent third party so as to be able to have someone to call upon to verify the source exists and the information we rlayed was in fact what was told to us. As far as I can tell, Grace has not done this and none of her fans expect her to as she is someone who people believe has access to insiders due to her past work.

What do you guys think? Is Grace and her "sources" correct and Pedro Pascal walked away from a lucrative job because he wanted to film scenes with his helmet off or is Mike and his sources correct and this rumor is baseless? Let us know below and as always, thanks for reading!