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The Geek Getaway is back!

You read the headline correct, The Geek Getaway is back! First off, allow me to thank all the people who sent well wishes and expressed their appreciation for what we were doing here at this website. You guys are the reason I started the website and are the reason we are coming back bigger and better than ever. You see, we have been holding ourselves back quite a bit due to being on a Google affiliated site but now that we are free of those assholes the fucking gloves are coming off!

That said, the website is going go harder when it comes to discussing censorship and other industry bullshit. The benefit of the doubt and the assumption of idiocy is no longer going to be given to people who have continuously broken the public trust and altered video games, anime, and other forms of geek entertainment. Now, this doesn't mean we are going to attack companies indiscriminately or before the facts all come in. I assure you that we will continue to dig deep and get the facts and information other sites and YouTube channels ignore, but we will no longer hold our tongue when it is obvious to everyone what is actually going on.

As far as what is going to be on the site, we are looking to expand our non gaming coverage. As it stands we are predominantly focused on video games and all things connected to them but we definitely want to expand and cover all geek hobbies equally. There are tons of things in comic books, tabletop RPGs, TV, movies, anime, manga and various other hobbies that need the kind of coverage only The Geek Getaway can provide.

On the YouTube side of things we are looking to create a channel that you can easily listen to as you play video games or partake in other geeky hobbies. The channel will have rants on various topics that tickle my taint. There will be honest gameplay footage as well as Lets Play videos featuring the soothing sounds of our staff's voices. Lastly, as a way to fight against corporate censorship of public opinions we will be providing official video game trailers and gameplay videos and allow you to give honest feedback with no fear of your comment being deleted due to negativity. 

So, let me once again express my appreciation for each and every person that stops by the site and gives our content a read. I also appreciate all our YouTube subs and viewers and I promise you I will buy a new microphone as soon as possible. The Geek Getaway going to go on a wild ride and we would love it if you hopped in and joined us!


  1. Did you mean this article here?

  2. It was the featured article for a few days, now we have a different featured article.

  3. I am very thankful you guys are so passionate about spreading the awareness of censorship! It's become so widespread it's hard to keep up with it all.

    1. Indeed, there is almost a new case of censorship every week! We really hate censorship but we're adamant that we will never jump the gun and pin the blame on the easy target without evidence.


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