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Super Bomberman R Online available on Google Stadia

On September 1st, Konami announced on the official Bomberman social media page the release of a new title - Super Bomberman R Online. This new Battle Royal title will feature 64 players in a single game. However, the game is currently available only for Google Stadia.

For those unfamiliar with Bomberman, it's an "action-maze" game according to Wikipedia. Bomberman practically defines its own genre. The overhead view features the titular character planting bombs to destroy obstacles and opponents. Along the way, the Bomberman will collect powerups and even fight bosses. Bomberman also starred in 3D platformers such as Bomberman 64 in the late 90s.

What is Super Bomberman R?
Super Bomberman R was released for Nintendo Switch in 2017. Before being released on later platforms, it featured a single-player campaign and 4-player multiplayer. Later updates featured new characters and even a new competitive mode.

The title was a long-awaited return to form for the series after a hiatus. Featuring cute anime-styled designs, the new Bomberman adventure featured full voice acting and a slew of updates. Among these include adding more characters from other Konami franchises and even characters from the WWE.

Essentially, the Bomberman series invented the battle royale genre as far back as the 8-bit era. Its entire gameplay was based around being the last man standing. Saturn Bomberman even featured 8-player competitive which, prior to the COVID quarantine, was still played at conventions.

Final Thoughts
As far as the release on Google Stadia, it seems like Konami is testing the waters. As opposed to taking risks by releasing it on consoles first, Konami may prefer to step back and test a smaller user-base first. Google Stadia's streaming program might not pick up additional users just from the release of Super Bomberman R. However, it may give players an incentive to try a quality multiplayer title. 

Stadia has the potential to be a viable gaming platform in the next year. As next-generation consoles roll out, people who choose not to invest in them yet might find themselves downloading these titles. Those who do not generally play PC games might benefit greatly from Stadia's potential next-gen releases. With that being said, Super Bomberman R Online could be an ideal title for multiplayer battling.

Super Bomberman R was also quite a good game thanks to its robust multiplayer and surprisingly solid campaign. I would personally recommend it as it's available on all consoles as well as Steam. I've never been big on battle royale titles, but this feels like the natural next-step for Bomberman. With that being said, unless it comes to consoles, I might be waiting a while to try it. However, it looks promising and I hope it will continue building momentum for the Bomberman franchise.

Have you played Super Bomberman R? Do you plan to play Super Bomberman R Online? Let us know in the comments below. 

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