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Bungie consults diversity committee before redesigning Destiny 2 character faces

On September 22, 2020 Bungie unveiled the trailer for the next Destiny 2 expansion, Beyond Light. Two days later they put up a detailed post on their website that went over the new features and such for this new expansion. Fans of Destiny 2 who read the post discovered that the character creation would be getting an overhaul and that they may see changes to their created characters after the expansion goes live. This was a bit alarming because Bungie, in their post, said they consulted a "Diversity Committee" before implementing the character creation face changes. A screen shot of that part of the post can be seen below.

While it is always a good thing when video game companies want to improve the graphics of their products or add new choices when creating characters. However, it is a bit worrying that Bungie felt the need to consult with a "Diversity Committee" before implementing their changes. It's extra worrysome when they say your previously created characters may look different after the update.

You see, years ago the line "Your Guardian's face may look a bit different." would simply be taken at face value and players would assume it was only meant to let players know the graphical upgrade would have their characters looking a bit different from what they did at launch. When you add a "Diversity Committee" into the mix, well then people are going to assume it means the women will get whacked a few time with the ugly stick and the men will lose some of their manliness. 

As we have yet to see any screen shots of character creation from the new Beyond Light expansion we don't know exactly what the outcome of the "Diversity Committee's" input is but as soon as we know we will pass that information on to you. In the meantime, please enjoy the original character creation visuals courtesy of Tales of Lumin.