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5 tips for playing Streets of Rage 4

Dotemu's recently published a wonderful title, Streets of Rage 4, which brings back the old-school days of 2D beat 'em ups. Whether you're a series veterans or a newcomer, it pays to know some of the most important factors in succeeding in the game. Since Streets of Rage 4 includes plenty of new elements, new and older players alike will certainly benefit from these tips.

Squad-up online
As a 2D beat 'em up, a game of its genre excels with 2-player co-op. In this case, the developers kindly added the online option. While it's not perfect, it is very much useable to get through the story mode. You two can combo enemies together and watch each other's backs.

While 4-player co-op is entirely possible offline, this is likely only possible with family members or roommates. Living during COVID makes meetups a bit more difficult. However, the team behind Streets of Rage 4 kindly put in online co-op so use it to your advantage. Bounce the difficulty up one if it gets too easy.

Don't be shy, use your super moves!
In past entries, the super-moves would cost your HP and you could only recover it with healing items. Similar to the Focus Attack super armor from Street Fighter IV, you now have recoverable HP whenever you unleash the big one. Wail on enemies until your health comes back. Just remember not to go overboard or you could cost yourself a life.

Cooperative Competition
While it's worth saving healing items for your partner, take all the money you want. At the end of each stage, the game will rank each player based on their performance. The more money you have, the more likely you will take 1st. While you don't get any other incentive for doing so, it brings back that old-school score attack method where you would compete with your friends. This is how you get better at the game.

Suplex City
One of the most effective ways to deal with multiple enemies is your throw moves. Whether you're facing your opponent from behind or in front, hitting back + attack will allow you to throw them behind you. This not only deals solid damage but can hit the enemies behind you. To make matters more favorable, throw moves also utilize invincibility frames. This ensures you won't be hit and can use these to time attacks to your advantage.

Maximize Your Combos
You can deal more damage than just hitting the attack button several times into a double forward-input attack like the Grand Upper. You see, it's entirely possible to cancel your attack on the 3rd hit, step in, and do another 3-hitter into a grab, into a pummel, and finally into a super move. If you're not surrounded by enemies, you can maximize damage against tough enemies this way.

Unlike past Streets of Rage titles, it's also entirely possible to juggle enemies for a while. This comes from similar mechanics from fighting games like Tekken. Make sure you wall-bounce your enemies and keep the combos going for as long as you can. But remember to evade since bosses use a wakeup attack to punish you for getting too greedy.

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