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5 reasons why I feel the MCU should be rebooted

The Black Widow film was suppose to hit theaters in May of 2020 but the Wuhan Flu caused it to be moved to a November 2020 release date. This release date change caused Disney to shift the release dates of the entire Phase Four slate of MCU films. With Black Widow being set before Avengers: Endgame but being part of Phase Four, lots of speculation has surrounded the film's plot and how it fits into the greater MCU lore. While others were speculating that I was busy thinking now would be the perfect opportunity for Disney to reboot the entire MCU. The more I thought about it, the more it made sense and I have narrowed it down to 5 reasons why I feel the MCU should be rebooted. In no particular order...

We want the First Family in the MCU, the right way

A reboot lets the MCU become whole
Two huge holes in the MCU are the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, properties that were once under the banner of Fox Films but recently were snatched up by the iron fist of the great mouse empire. These two franchises were a huge part of Marvel comics pre-2010 and took part in just about every major crossover event. The Fantastic Four is even referred to as Marvel's First Family, they are that important to the history of Marvel comics. A reboot would allow the MCU to launch with both of these franchises present and accounted for since the beginning. People would not have to speculate how the FF or the X-Men could join the MCU because they would be there and part of that universe.

We need an Acts of Vengeance in the MCU

A reboot gives us a chance to see the stories we were denied
In case you were unaware, a lot of the major Marvel heroes are no longer in fighting shape. Iron Man is dead, Hulk is no longer angry, Black Widow is dead, Hawkeye is retired, and Captain America is old and out of action. This means we are not getting the story lines "demon in a bottle" or Armor Wars starring Iron Man. Captain America will never train Jack Monroe to become Nomad in the MCU nor will he learn about the black Americans experimented on prior to the super soldier serum being perfected. As for the Hulk, we are being denied a Hulk/Thing slug fest on the big screen. A reboot would give Disney a chance to do these storylines and more, giving the fans what they have been dying to see on film for years.

Avengers Vs X-Men in the MCU please

A reboot gives us a chance for the dream team-ups fans want
Following up on the last point, the MCU is past the point where fans can get the dream team-ups we want to see on the big screen. Spider-Man and Daredevil going after the Punisher. Bruce Banner/Tony Stark/Reed Richards in science bros 2.0. Thor and Hercules taking on the Namor/Hulk duo that ran wild in the 70's Marvel comics. This isn't even mentioning the many team-ups involving X-Men characters. So many great team-ups are no longer on the table thanks to the current state of the MCU.

We wanted Thanos but we got the In-Betweener

A reboot would give us a proper Thanos
I know Thanos has become a huge meme and is immensely popular among non comic book fans but the MCU Thanos is a pansy compared to the Marvel comics Thanos. Comic fans were pretty disappointed to see the Death worshiping, megalomaniacal genius, Mad Titan become a guy obsessed with balance in the Universe. Gone was the guy willing to kill half the universe to try to win the love of Death and in his place was a guy who couldn't figure out how to use unlimited cosmic power to create extra resources in lieu of killing people. A reboot would give us a chance to see the real Thanos on the big screen and get the epic battle for the Infinity Stones we wanted to see.

Time travel in a Marvel property without Kang and Immortus, heresy!

A reboot would erase the convoluted time travel garbage
The weakest part of Avengers: Endgame was the whole time travel aspect to the story. Not only was it unnecessary, the writers had a lot better options they should have used, but it caused so many paradoxes and time anomalies. We have a version of Loki running around with the Space Stone. We have a universe where Thanos and his whole army disappeared into thin air. There is now a universe where Steve Rogers grows old with Peggy Carter while presumably allowing all the bad things he knows will happen to still happen. A reboot of the MCU would allow Disney to do away with all the tim shenanigans and never try to use them again. 

Well, that's just some of my many, many thoughts on why the MCU should be rebooted. What do you guys think? Feel free to leave a comment below and be sure to follow us on YT and Twitter for more great content.