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Persona 4 Golden releases on Steam

Earlier this month Atlus released one of their illustrious JRPGs, Persona 4 Golden, onto PC. The 2012 PS Vita title is a re-release of the 2008 PS2 title, Persona 4. Golden features the original P4 tale with a few solid extras. You can view the official P4G Steam launch trailer below.

What is Persona 4 Golden?
Persona 4 Golden is a turn-based JRPG where you can summon Personas. These Personas appear as mythical creatures that grant you magical powers while aiding you in battle. You'll enter dungeons in a team of four while searching for your target. You can also fuse these Personas together to create even stronger creatures.

The story revolves around your Investigation Team solving a string of serial killings in the rural town of Inaba. As the protagonist, you're an exchange student from the city and you'll undergo trials to save kidnapped victims while they face their inner, darker selves.

You'll spend time fulfilling activities on a calendar rather than exploring an overworld. You can hang out with friends and upgrade social stats to build up your social links. This becomes crucial to leveling up the bonds with your allies as well as strengthening your battle prowess. 

When you're not exploring Inaba, or attending classes, you'll enter the TV World (Midnight Channel) and fight shadows to save the kidnapped victims. The game takes place over the span of the year and features many exciting twists and turns. Persona 4 Golden comes with memorable characters, excellent writing, and a fantastic soundtrack to go with it.

Has anything changed in the Steam release?
As a matter of fact, you'll find numerous upgrades from the Vita release in this edition. First of all, the game now runs in full HD resolution. Japanese voice tracks are also now available. Perhaps the most striking new feature, however, is the addition of difficulty adjustments for money and leveling

Admittedly, Persona 4 Golden forces you to grind for a few of the dungeons, such as the Heaven-themed dungeon. With this improvement, however, you will be able to level through the game normally without wasting any time leveling up just for a boss fight.

Should Persona 5 fans get this?
Absolutely. While P5 may hold the lion's share of quality-of-life gameplay improvements in the series, Persona 4 was the first game to offer manual party member commands. Much of the same elements, such as the quality of music, writing, character design, and gameplay appear in both games. If you enjoyed Persona 5, Persona 4 Golden will only compliment your library with another stellar JRPG.

You can purchase Persona 4 Golden now on Steam for $19.99 or the Digital Deluxe edition for $24.99.