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Sony's new female led superhero movie might just be Madame Web AKA the 2nd Spider-Woman

Madame Web(II) in the Marvel Comics
All signs point to the new Sony pictures female led "Spider-Man" movie to be based around Madame Web. Many outlets are reporting that it is based on the Cassandra Web version of the character, however we at The Geek Getaway have reason to believe it will actually be based on the Julia Carpenter version of the character.For those unfamiliar with Julia Carpenter, allow me to give a very brief synopsis of the character below. If you are familiar with her Marvel comics 616 history, then you can skip the next four paragraphs.

Julia was a single mother who joined a government research project into athletic prowess. Unknown to Julia, the project was really designed to create superheroes and Julia was exposed to a concoction that gave her powers similar to Spider-Man. Shortly after getting her powers she would be swept up in the Secret Wars being orchestrated by the god-like being called the Beyonder. Julia would adopt the code-name Spider-Woman and help the superheroes of Earth defeat the Beyonder.

Following Secret Wars Julia would join several government sanctioned teams and have solo adventures. Ultimately she would have her powers stolen by a villain using the "Spider-Woman" name. Julia retired from super-heroics after this and focused on raising her daughter.

Julia would resurface, powers fully restored, several years later. It is revealed that The Shroud helped her regain her powers and the two had fallen in love. As this was during the superhero "Civil War", Julia was captured and forced to register her powers. She would go on to join Omega Flight and then get pulled into the war between Spider-Man and his spider allies and Kraven the Hunter's family. It is during this time that Julia would be given the powers of Madame Web by a dying Cassandra Webb.

As the new Madame Webb, Julia would go on to play a similar role as the previous Madame Web and come and go into the life of Spider-Man and other "spider" heroes. She has had no significant storylines, yet, and is mostly a secondary character in this new Madame Web role. Perhaps Marvel has bigger plans for her in the comics but there is also a chance the character will be buried just like the Fantastic Four was in order to hurt Sony's new movie.

Madame Webb in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon
Things get a bit more interesting for the character when you look at the version presented in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Julia Carpenter is code-named Madame Web by Nick Fury who found her and turned her into a SHIELD asset. Fury uses her precognitive abilities to predict future events and calculate the probabilities for success during any given mission. The character's power set is a combination of Madame Web and Julia Carpenter of the 616 Marvel Comics Universe.

I believe the Madame Web Sony will unveil for their new movie will be closer to the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon version than the classic Madame Web or Julia Carpenter characters. Obviously Sony will be unable to connect her to SHIELD or Nick Fury, but surely they could swap in another organization such as The Jury, who have ties to both Venom and the Life Foundation, to fill the role of SHIELD. This would also help tie these two movies together and go a long way toward tying the whole Sony Universe of Marvel Characters together.

Regardless of what they ultimately decide to include in the back story of Madame Web, it is pretty obvious that Sony is much more likely to feature a strong single mother who fights crime over a paralyzed older woman who tells the future. Even more likely, Madame Web will be a young, energetic, and wisecracking version of the character that would also allow Sony to slip her into the Spider-Man role and avoid all the complications of Spider-Man appearing in 2 parallel universes. the MCU and Sony U, simultaneously.

What do you think? Are we going to see Sony bring out the "first paraplegic and elderly" superhero or is Madame Web going to be an attempt to usurp the Spider-Man role away from Peter Parker and place it on Julia Carpenter? Leave you comments below and let us know what you think.