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Meet Steve & Dan, the mad lads behind Tabletop RPG Showcase!

picture courtesy of Dicesthetics
I want to bring only the best geek content to the Geek Getaway. With that in mind, I reached out to the two biggest tabletop gamers I could find and offered them their own tabletop RPG podcast! Now Steve & Dan, the aforementioned tabletop gamers, have free reign to discuss tabletop RPGs on the Geek Getaway YouTube channel. With one show already under their belts, embedded right below, I thought I would take some time out to introduce our diligent duo to you guys and gals in our audience.

Steve has been involved with tabletop RPGs for 9 years. He has plumbed, explored, and investigated the vast depths of the tabletop RPG market. He is deeply involved with the small press RPG scene and has spent many nights discussing RPG systems with people looking to make the next great tabletop game. Steve is Pan-Systemal so he enjoys the entire spectrum of gaming systems, within reason.

At 29 years old Dan is younger host but he has been playing tabletop RPGs longer than Steve. In fact, Dan has over 15 years of tabletop RPG experience. Rumors say that Dan has spent so much time rolling dice that Las Vegas has banned him from the craps tables. Dan has a preference for systems with lots of customization during character creation and progression. Dan will play a game with any kind of setting(Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Cyber Punk, Ect.) as long as it's fun to play.

Steven and Dan met early in 2019 on discord and hit it off almost immediately. They started their friendship off by talking about and playing video games together but soon they both expressed an interest in tabletop RPGs. After that it was only a matter of getting their schedules to line up so they could play some tabletop games together. Quickly realizing that Steve was the peanut butter to Dan's jelly they have shared some wild gaming moments over the last year. They were enjoying gaming together in the back alleys of Discord but I took them away from that and now they work for me doing Tabletop RPG Showcase.