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Fallout 76 might be getting better

Okay, we get it. We're assholes Bethesda. We get it that we nuked the people who just arrived and the majority of us, 58%, kept all the treasure.  We are also bad at the game, having died to a newly created creature, the Wedingo Colossus, 23,961 time and having killed it a mere 7,122 times. May I say looool? Bethesda. Poor ignorant Bethesda. You gave us Pizza rolls and expected us not to eat the living shit out of em. 193,639 of em to be exact and I promise I ate at least a thousand on my own.

Most of the recent Reddit AMA that Bethesda held revolved around smaller features and quality of life improvements. Text chat is something Bethesda says it is looking into, along with expanding how many stupid things players can display in their bases. Yay! More room for stupid shit.

The main thing here, besides gamers eating enough pepperoni rolls to feed a small African country, is that Bethesda is currently working on a plan to decide what's coming after Wastelanders and it could involve the pretty damn cool Brotherhood of Steel. These assholes, who are quite bad ass in my opinion, have played a huge part of nearly every Fallout game. There were an especially big part of Fallout 3. However, they haven't had much of a appearance in Fallout 76. Probably because they don't exist yet, if we are to believe the previously established lore. As such, they are primarily found as corpses littered around the map in crashed vertibirds and old camps. When asked by a user named PiLLaYa if a future update might focus on them, developers Jeff Gardiner and Ferret Baudoin said the Brotherhood " now watching the wasteland of West Virginia very closely."

After launch in early April, Wastelanders has also helped Fallout 76 finally reach Mostly Good reviews on Steam. As you may know, Fallout 76 had a ruff start in November 2018. Bethesda has released a few updates since then, including the Wild Appalachia expansion and a battle royale mode in Nuclear Winter but neither went over exceptionally well. Bethesda also introduced a good few challenging team-based raids yet it wasn't until Wastlanders that fans really started to have fun with the game.

If you don't feel like slogging through the Reddit AMA thread I linked, then you can check out the cherry picked questions and answers Bethesda put up on their official blog. There are still a plethora of problems with fallout 76 but by far this is the biggest batch of fixes and additions - also the best - that we've ever seen. The future looks bright for Appalachia, tho that may just be a nuclear flash coming to destroy the game. With Bethesda at the helm you never really know.