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Weekly round table: 5 Games to Play During the Quarantine

Due to Google sucking China's egg roll, we bring you Corna Chan's cousin Jackie
The Coronavirus continues to keep us isolated in our homes and we are looking for something to play. Lucky for you, we here at the Geek Getaway have a few suggestions for games that can stave off cabin fever and boredom. Some will be good to play alone while other may require some quarantine buddies to play.

Rango The Merc

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
With DLC continuing soon to add to the game's roster, Super Smash Bros. remains alive and well. What's particularly interesting about this title is its growth of online matches. While many players had sworn off online modes, offline tournaments getting canceled due to the quarantine derailed those plans. This has encouraged a number of Smash players to enter online tournaments, such as those hosted by Alpharad.

While Smash is already a hit on the Nintendo Switch, and a fantastic game for any occasion, online tournaments might be the best way to practice now. Until the quarantine lifts, expect to find more online events on!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
For players who enjoy the simpler things in life, Animal Crossing features much to offer. While the single-player experience allows you to build your island and interact with animals, you can also play online with friends. With several players you can even exchange items and do other fun activities together.

Animal Crossing offers thousands of little things to do. Released during the Coronavirus pandemic, this wholesome title could not have come out at a better possible time!

Persona 5 Royal
The critically acclaimed JRPG comes to PlayStation 4 once again this week! This time, the Royal edition will feature tons of new story and gameplay content. Whether it's your first run through or you want to return, Persona 5 Royal will satisfy all fans of the genre. If you love a great soundtrack, memorable characters, and a fun battle system, P5 excels in all those categories. This defining experience will be the perfect addition to your PS4.

Side note: If you're like me and beat Persona 5, but didn't get Royal, I would suggest playing other games in the series. You could get Persona 3 FES for your PS2 or PS3. If you have a PS Vita, you can also download Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden!

Resident Evil 3
Following the demo's release, Capcom also introduced the beta to their latest multiplayer title, Resident Evil Resistance. Featuring a 4v1 asymmetrical multiplayer mode, you'll control either a survivor or a mastermind trying to kill the former. You can learn more about Resistance here.

Following the success of Resident Evil 2's 2019 remake, Resident Evil 3 intends to revisit Raccoon City in the most explosive way possible. Look for the full remake of this classic title when it releases on April 3rd, 2020.

Final Fantasy VII Remake
Another important JRPG on the list, Final Fantasy VII Remake brings back 23 years of history into a massive reimagining. Featuring real time or turn-based combat, you can select how you fight in the game. The stunning visuals highlight the power of the PlayStation 4.

Due to the Coronavirus, Square-Enix has already pledged to release the game early in some regions. However, it will officially release on April 10th. If you haven't already, we strongly recommend playing the demo!


Langrisser I & II
I already did an in depth review of the game that you can read here, so I won't rehash too much of what I said before. Just know the game is a solid tactical RPG experience with a ton of bang for your buck. Multiple paths, new characters, great artwork, fantastic music, and 2 different games for 1 price cement this as a must buy for both fans of the series and tactical RPGs. This will definitely keep the boredom at bay for hours at a time.

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is the simple farming game everyone remembers Harvest Moon to be, but better in so many ways. Like Animal Crossing, there is a laid back feel to the game that lets you play at your own pace. The pixel art is top notch, the story is interesting, and growing crops is both fun and rewarding. Add all the side activities like fishing and mine exploration and the game has something for everyone. If you have friends who also own the game, then you can play online co-op with up to 4 players where you either share money or "compete" to see who is the best farmer.

This is one of those game franchises aimed at kids but is fun for the whole family. Each level has you trying to capture a star by creating whatever it is you can imagine. This can really lead to some creative moments as someone in your group might suggest putting a fire out with a tsunami then using a kangaroo to hop over a pit. With several games out there, you can pick up one pretty cheap and have hours of goofy fun solving simple little puzzle. As a personal challenge, my family attempts to solve each puzzle without using the same creations more than 3 times.

Mega Man 30th Anniversary Bundle
This isn't a single game but rather a collection of collections which gets you 19 Mega Man games for $60. That is all 11 Mega Man games and all 8 Mega Man X games, sorry Mega Man X Command Mission is not included. Each game is a classic that deserves to be played at least once in your life. Since you're locked inside you got plenty of time to master the timing and patterns of each boss. If you're like me and had already beat each of these upon their initial release, well the collections also have some boss rush modes as well as galleries filled with interesting information and cool pictures.

Final Fantasy VII
No, that is not a mistake. I do think you should play the original version of FF7 as it is a classic of the RPG genre and something that you can't truly enjoy by picking up and playing only an hour here or there. FF7 needs your full attention and this whole quarantine situation allows you to do just that. Easy to find on the PS4 digitally so do yourself a huge favor and use your quarantine time to do something awesome and play FF7.