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The weekly round table: My gaming guilty pleasure

Hello and welcome to another weekly round table. Today we are going to be discussing our gaming guilty pleasure. You know, those games that might not be so good but you just can't stop playing them. Conversely you might enjoy playing triple A games while also being a complete jackass for hours on end. Hell, I've been known to grief quite a bit in my younger days. Anyway, let's hear from the staff.

Janus Julian
I have a problem.  There is a certain kind of game where, once I get going on it I will play it for weeks to months at a time, only to finally quit and regret I ever spent so much time playing.  Only to eventually give in and start a new one, and the cycle repeats.

Image courtesy of Hyper Hippo Games
I'm talking about idle games.  They are definitely my guilty pleasure.  It doesn't help that because of the amount of time I've spent playing them, Steam now tries to constantly recommend them to me.

Image Courtesy of Aleksandr Golovkin

The three idle games I played the most of on Steam were Adventure Capitalist (406 hours), Supply Chain Idle (236 hours) and Territory Idle (49 hours).   The "idle" nature of a lot of these games means they can very quickly take up your "most played" rankings in your Steam Library; those first two idle games take up #2 and #3 in my least, only beaten out by Factorio.

The idle game I played the most off steam was "Trimps" but I have no idea how long I played that for.  There was even the adult-themed game "Crush Crush", which is available on Steam but I played on Nutaku, so I also don't know how long I played it for.  But in both cases I can be sure the answer was "too long".

Image courtesy of Sad Panda Studios

I think I'm going to be doomed to play many more of this type of game in the future, as they all follow the free-to-play model which makes them very easy to just be like "okay I'll just give it a shot".  Yep, it's only a matter of time until my next "guilt trip".

As a kid, I used to spend hours running around playing Super Mario 64. Some things I did were guiltier than others.

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Once I grew into a teen, I discovered online gaming. I used to play the online mode of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence. When I wasn't trying to win Team Deathmatch or Sneaking rounds, I was goofing off glitching the game with my invincible character. You could disconnect the ethernet cable and use several methods to make your character invisible to others.

In Super Smash Bros., I have always enjoyed taunting. Whether it was to act a fool or assert dominance over my opponent, I've always taunted when I could. Unfortunately, in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can no longer use taunting in random online matches. But Nintendo overlooked the purpose of taunting and how players would circumvent it; by repeatedly crouching, which translates to "teabagging" their opponent. I guess you could say this is my guilty pleasure.
Gif courtesy of Nintendo
Oftentimes, this might end with players doing a "one-and-done" or leaving a game after they win or lose due to the poor sportsmanship it might portray. Others might teabag back which ends up with both players dancing around each other till the match ends. Whether you choose to have fun bouncing around or insult your opponent is entirely up to you.

Fun Fact: Super Smash Bros. Melee featured five different bonuses for taunting. "Poser," "Poser Poseur," "Pose Breaker," and "Instant Poser" all awarded the player for taunting during various times of the match. "Fighting Stance" went to the player who taunted after KOing their opponent before the end screen appeared. Whether you choose to teabag or taunt your opponent, I won't judge you. Just beware I might do it right back!

Anita Mann
I had to admit it but I really love those stupid match 3 games. It doesn't matter if it is Candy Crush, Marvel Puzzle Quest, or Frozen Free Fall.

Image courtesy of SuperVillain Studios
If you have to match 3 I'm going to be playing it! And probably spending some of my father's money on stupid loot boxes or whatever they are called in that particular variation of the genre.

I have 2 gaming guilty pleasures. The first is I absolutely love the Dynasty Warriors franchise! This includes all of its spin-offs and alternate(Samurai, Gundam, Orochi, ect.) versions. Yes, the gameplay is repetitive and tells the same story from year to year but damn does it feel good to obliterate a horde of enemies with a musou attack!

Image courtesy of Koei Tecmo
My other gaming guilty pleasure is clicker games. There's something about mindlessly tapping the screen as the numbers get bigger that is oh so satisfying. Currently I am playing Clicker Heroes and the added RPG mechanics to the clicker formula are making it my most played game for March.

Image courtesy of Playsaurus 
Well, there you have it folks. These are some of our gaming guilty pleasures. What about you guys, what gaming guilty pleasures do you have? Leave a comment below and be sure to share this on social media.