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The weekly round table: My biggest gaming fail!

image courtesy of the Pure Pwnage movie
Last week we discussed some of our most epic moments in gaming, this week we discuss some of our biggest fails in gaming. Some of these are boneheaded and some are just plain dumb, but each one will be a part of our personal halls of shame.

Janus Julian
My most memorable gaming fail took place when I was a young kid, and revolved around the original Pokemon for the Gameboy. My sister asked me if she could play it and so I let her start a new game.  Of course, what I didn't know  was that the cartridge only allowed a single save file, so all the progress I had made up to that point was completely erased.  I remember being utterly devastated at the time.

Anita Mann
My biggest gaming fail happened last year. I begged and pleaded with my father to buy me the new Call of Duty game for PS4. To my surprise he did just that and I was the happiest 14 year old girl ever! Little did I know, Call of Duty implemented a new parental control system so I was completely unable to play online with my friends due to my account's age being set to my real age. The real kicker was my father worked extra hours to afford the deluxe version of the game so I didn't have the heart to tell him. That damn game is still on my PS4, completely unplayed.

Chaotic Clock
My biggest gaming fail happened a few years ago. There was a very minor thunderstorm and I was bored so I decided to play some dark souls on my PS3, unfortunately, the power shut off in the middle of my game. When i turned my PS3 back on later that day I was horrified to learn that it had completely corrupted everything. I tried and tried for days to restore it but it was all for nothing. I ended up doing a factory reset and, unfortunately, I lost hundreds of hours in various game saves.

Over the years I have had many "fails" in gaming but none are as embarrassing as the one I am about to tell you about. I was playing X-Men on the Sega Genesis with my brother and after several hours of trying we were finally on the path to beating the game. If you are at all familiar with the game you will know their is a section during the Mojo level in which you are told to "reset the computer." We spent almost an hour looking for some kind of button or prompt to reset the computer but it was to no avail because there was no such thing IN the game. So, in a moment of frustration I turned off the system and promptly erased all our progress. Years later I would find out you were suppose to tap the reset button on the Sega Genesis console itself.

We'd love to hear some of your gaming fails, so feel free to comment below. And, as always, feel free to share this on any social media platforms you feel would enjoy this.