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"Shinsekai: Into the Depths" launch announced during Nintendo Direct!

During the Nintendo Direct on March 26th, an ocean exploration game from Capcom called "Shinsekai: Into the Depths" was announced as available as a digital download on the Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

Here is a link to the Nintendo Store where you can purchase it!

I may or may not have mentioned that water levels always freak me out in video-games; I get spooked by all the sea creatures and the occasional dark abyss of not being able to see what's below your feet.

According to the press release, it looks like this is one of those games which is entirely composed of those experiences:

"Shinsekai: Into the Depths submerges players into the solitary struggle of the last-surviving human as they sink ever deeper into an unexplored, aquatic world. In order to escape a rapidly approaching ice age, players must collect resources, upgrade their gear, and craft new items necessary for advancing deeper into the abyss. Divers must keep a close eye on their oxygen and pressure levels as they explore this enchanting world and discover the secrets held within its mysterious ruins. The development team took an indie development approach to create Shinsekai: Into the Depths to provide players with a unique and immersive new gaming experience. To enhance the underwater atmosphere, the developers at Capcom Japan rerecorded music and sound effects being played through submerged speakers to create an extra level of underwater realism."

I'm getting the willies just reading this!  Also a big "NOPE!" to whatever this is:

The Switch release of the game comes with some additional features:

"In addition to the new “Jukebox Mode.” In “Another Dive,” players must descend through a perilous maze as quickly as possible in order to confront a new monstrous threat. After completing “Another Dive”, those wishing to truly test their mettle can also brave its Hardcore mode, which adds more pressure by placing the player in an antique diving suit and offers even fewer resources. Audiophiles can take a break from the action to explore the new “Jukebox Mode,” which allows players to listen to their favorite background music at any time, and tinker with a variety of audio filters such as music depth."

But don't worry, if you already have the game through the Apple Arcade, these modes are being added in an update for you.

All images courtesy of Capcom