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Humble Choice - March 2020 - Recommendations and Resources

It's the first friday of March, and that means another Humble Choice bundle to check out to see what games are available!

Let's also see what the total possible savings can be how much you can possibly save by subscribing to Humble Premium or Basic.

Available Games to Choose This Month

So far every month except for the first has had 12 games to choose from, and March is looking to be no different.

(All prices are in USD and as of 3/6/2020)
(Multiplayer-focus and Early-Access will be marked)
(I'll be writing a quick blurb and linking to the store page for each game; more information will come up as it becomes relevant to my recommendations or choices)

  1.  My Friend Pedro  (Current Price: $19.99)
       -Platforming Sidescrolling Shooter with Drugs, Guns, and a Talking Banana

  2.  Planet Coaster + World's Fair DLC  (Current Price: $49.99 + 10.99)
      -An Amusement Park design and management simulator.

  3.  F1® 2019  (Current Price $59.99)
      -The 2019 version of the official "Formula One" racing game.

  4.  Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark  (Current Price $29.99)  |Multiplayer Focus|  |Early Access|
     - Fantasy Tactics Game with Isometric, multi-level maps similar to Disgaea or FFT

  5.  Battle Chasers: Nightwar    (Current Price:  $29.99)
    - Fantasy RPG with Turn-based Combat.

  6.  EXAPUNKS    (Current Price:  $9.99)
   - Programming-based puzzle game.

  7.  Turok    (Current Price:  $19.99)
  - Classic 3D Shooter

  8.  Death's Gambit    (Current Price:  $19.99)
  - 2D Adventure Platformer with RPG Mechanics and multiple classes

  9.  198X    (Current Price:  $9.99)
  - Goes through multiple different genres (ex. Driving, Beat-em-up, Shmup) to tell a story..

10.  Niffelheim   (Current Price:  $19.99)
  - 2d Side-scrolling RPG Dungeon Crawler with a Nordic Aesthetic.

11.  AI War 2   (Current Price:  $19.99)
  - Space-based 4X game with combined Grand-Strategy and Real-Time-Strategy.

12.  Etherborn  (Current Price: $16.99)
  - Puzzle Platformer that emphasizes an atmospheric aesthetic and soundtrack

Humble Classic

If you were previously subscribed to Humble Bundle before it became Humble Choice, you were grandfathered into this option, which lets you choose 10 games out of any Humble Choice bundle, which one more than premium.  I personally have this subscription.

I decided to exclude My Friend Pedro as I've played it before through Xbox Games Pass for PC, and also it's predecessor the flash game.

And of course, I will be opting out of choosing the Programming Puzzle game, as I did last month.

Humble Premium

This subscription level costs either $19.99 a month, or $179.99 a year (which equates to $14.99 a month)

It gives you the ability to choose 9 games out of each month's Humble Choice selection.

Biggest Savings

If you just want to go for the highest value and therefore the highest savings, these are the games that you should pick:

EXAPUNKS, 198X, and Etherborn are currently the lowest-priced on Steam.

The remaining games are currently worth ($280.90) altogether, so you would save ($260.91) or ($265.91) with the monthly or the yearly deal respectively.

Humble Basic

This subscription level costs either $14.99 USD a month, or $134.99 USD a year (which equates to $11.25 a month).
It gives you the ability to choose 3 games out of each month's Humble Choice selection.

Biggest Savings

If you just want to focus on savings, the games you would want to pick would be "Planet Coaster" (+DLC) and "F1 2019". The third game would be either "Battle Chasers: Nightwar" or "Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark" as both are currently the same price.

Either combination has a value of ($150.96), so you would save ($135.97) or ($139.71) with the monthly or the yearly deal respectively.

In Conclusion

So, that's the rundown for March's Humble Choice selections. I hope that I was able to provide some useful information once again  Lemme know what your choices were or would be!

*All pics courtesy of Humble bundle