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Captain Marvel 2 could be a great movie, here's how!

Despite making 1.1 billion dollars at the box office, Captain Marvel was a fairly mediocre movie. If you want my full breakdown as to why that is, then I urge you to read my review which can be found here. Now then, Captain Marvel 2 has the potential to be a great movie but only if the writers learned from the mistakes of the first movie. With that in mind, I want to offer what I think is needed to be done to make Captain Marvel 2 a great movie that fans of the MCU, Marvel Comics, and movies in general will love.

Make the Skrulls evil
One of the biggest mistakes was turning the Skrull race into a peaceful species who was being unfairly persecuted by the Kree. Captain Marvel 2 needs to do a 180 degree turn and reveal that the Skrulls have become evil in the years following Captain Marvel. This could be achieved quite easily in Captain Marvel 2 by introducing any of the big 3 Skrull super villains(Kl'rt, Paibok, or Titannus) from the comics as the current leader of the Skrulls. Perhaps with Talos on Earth posing as Nick Fury, one of these three could rise up the ranks of Skrull society and convince his people to seek revenge on their former oppressors.

With MCU writers having a fondness for putting modern day politics into their movies, I could see the Skrulls becoming an analogy for Muslim extremist as they pull off Jihadi style suicide bombings across the universe but with the added ability of being able to appear as if they were Kree soldiers doing it. This would be a good way to make things have shades of grey and show that those who are persecuted can become persecutors in their quest for justice.

Make Captain Marvel hated by parts of the universe
Captain Marvel may be acting in a manner in which we the viewers see as heroic but it would be interesting for her to deal with a universe that doesn't exactly agree that she is a hero. This could be done by having the Kree create and spread propaganda about Captain Marvel as well as other races she has stopped from committing crimes or engaging in war viewing her as a meddling outsider. After all, Carol Danvers doesn't have knowledge of all the intricate alliances and relationships between planets and space empires so it would only make sense for her to not be universally loved by every planet and space empire out there.

This would be a good way to show that Carol will do what she feels is right despite others telling her she is wrong. Captain Marvel did a piss poor job of delving into the ethics and morality of Carol Danvers so doing this would give viewers a real insight into her and allow Brie LArson to do some actual acting instead of imitating a plank of wood.

Introduce a villain that is a legitimate threat
The villain in Captain Marvel was the worst villain in the entire MCU and this includes one off villains like Batroc and Blizzard. Neither Talos nor Yon-Rogg were a threat to Captain Marvel. In fact, the entire Kree Starforce were no threat to her! It is often said a hero is only as good as the villain they fight. With that in mind, Captain Marvel wasn't much of a hero.

This could be easily remedied by having Captain Marvel face off against one of the Skrulls I mentioned earlier. Kl'rt AKA the Super Skrull has the abilities of all four members of the original Fantastic Four. Paibok the Power Skrull can fire energy blasts, has super strength, and can make his skin strong as steel. Titannus has powers similar to Superman while also having a healing factor that rivals Wolverine's. Any one of these three could easily match Captain Marvel in combat and provide great fight scenes. Additionally, each one would seem like an actual threat instead of something that mildly annoys Carol.

Have Captain Marvel humbled
One of the biggest issues with Captain Marvel was the main character didn't fail. Even in flashbacks she was shown to overcome any setback, big or small, with ease. This makes for a boring story. Heroes need to be humbled. They need to be taken down a peg so they can rise to the occasion and prove they have what it takes to be great. Thor, Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and even the Hulk all went through this.Having Captain Marvel just be great without putting in the work is lame and reeks of pandering.

Building off my last point, Captain Marvel being defeated in a fair fight by a villain on her level of power would go a long way towards fixing her character. She would be forced to face the fact that she isn't the best or most powerful person in the universe which would make seeing her go after the villain anyways that much more epic. The audience would be cheering for her as she gives it her all to overcome the odds and thwart the villains plan. Captain Marvel is super, but she hasn't really proven she is a hero. Having her humbled would do it.

What do you think? Can Captain Marvel 2 be a great movie or is it already too late for the franchise? Leave your comments below or reply on Twitter. Also, while you're there feel free to give us a follow.

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