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The latest from Fire Emblem Heroes including a subscription based Feh Pass

Earlier this week, Nintendo featured their Feh Channel on their YouTube channel. Feh Channel highlights upcoming updates to Nintendo's most successful mobile game, the Strategy/RPG gacha title, Fire Emblem Heroes. In this edition of Feh Channel, we were introduced to a new character - Fehnix! This new announcer guided the Feh Channel updates.

I'll supply a quick rundown of the Feh Channel before addressing the Feh Pass. I feel it important to address the controversy stirring around the latest update to Fire Emblem Heroes. Make sure to check it after the rundown!

With that said, the Feh Channel first announced the winners of Choose Your Legends 4. The annual event allows players to vote in their favorite characters to become a unique, or "Brave," unit. The past events included heroes from various titles in the series. This year, however, the 4 chosen units were a clean sweep from the latest title in the series, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. All four units include the three major lords - Dimitri, Edelgard, and Claude - as well as another popular unit from the game, Lysithea. They will be released as "Brave" units later this year. One of these is a guaranteed free pick for the player as well.

In the meantime, February 2020 marks the 3rd year anniversary for Fire Emblem Heroes. Nintendo will be holding "Hero Fests" and other events throughout the year, featuring summons for various units, including past Brave Heroes. A new Voting Gauntlet event - A Hero Rises - will also decide a special free unit for players in March!

February is also the month for "Day of Devotion," or Valentine's Day themed banners. This year's banner will feature characters from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It will even include an Alm + Celica duo unit!

The new Feh Pass is a subscription-based service. For $9.49 a month, players can grab Resplendent Units, special quests, and even the ability to do-over a turn in a map. Players can also auto-restart a map until they run out of stamina.

Finally, not related to the Feh Pass, Compile Combat Manuals will become new unlockables for players. This will allow players to win Combat Manuals of rare characters, allowing them to gain their abilities without rolling for the unit.

You can watch the full Feh Channel here.

Lastly, keep in mind that the Feh Channel has received a great deal of controversy over the Feh Pass. While Nintendo has always announced generous awards for the past anniversary events, players have considered the Feh Pass updates to be Quality of Life improvements that should not be locked behind a paywall. As a result, the featured video is perhaps the single most disliked Nintendo video since the Pokemon Sword and Shield showcase at last year's E3.

While FEH is notorious for players not getting the rare units they desire, Nintendo has offered monthly Orb bundles at a discounted price. Players were free to choose if they wanted these orbs, the Feh Pass features exclusive updates to the game not related to orbs and units.

With that being said, stay tuned to the Geek Getaway to learn more about the update to Fire Emblem Heroes as we continue covering more of this year's content! Thank you for reading our article on Feh Channel. How do you feel about the Feh Pass? Let us know in the comments below!