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"Sexy Windblade" Transformers Figure Still In Progress!

concept art drawn by Ban(NSFW site)

There was a recent kerfuffle on twitter over a model kit for a "sexy" version of the Transformer's character Windblade by FlameToys, with the prototype designs being authored by a hentai artist calling themselves "Ban".  Link to their original design (SFW image, NSFW site)

This resulted in them pulling the tweet advertising the model kit.

We reached out to the company to inquire further into what was going on, and received this reply:


Hello, Thank you for reaching out. We sincerely appreciate your support. [FuraiModel]Wind Blade is still in progress. However, we are dealing with some issues of it hence we removed the post for now. We will do our best and please do look forward to further information! Best regards, FLAMETOYS


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