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The official Intellivision YouTube channel is curating the comments to remove all negative opinions [Updated 8/14/2020]

*Editor's note: This post was updated on 8/14/2020 to add additional evidence of comment curation, update added to the end of the article.

I was watching interviews with Intellivision CEO Tommy Tallarico as part of my research for an article I am writing about the upcoming Amico. In the comment section of one of the videos, a person noted that the official Intellivision YouTube channel was blocking negative comments. There was a bit of a back and forth, some people suggesting the initial commenter was blocked on the channel before he left his comment. Things ended with that original commenter saying that others should test it out. Here is a link to the video with the comment chain I am referencing.

So, I looked into some Intellivision videos to see if Intellivision is blocking all negative comments or just keeping things "family friendly." While I would disagree with the removal of comments due to their language, as YouTube has no official policy against comments with "adult" language, I can see how it would be in keeping with the image Intellivision and Tommy Tallarico are trying to build for the Amico. With all the comments being extremely positive at best and neutral at worst, it seemed there was something to this after all. That said, I went ahead and tested out some comments to see if Intellivision was indeed curating their comment section to create a false sense of positivity for the Amico.
Test comment approved, Google in guest mode to test
First I made a very positive comment on this video to be sure I was not blocked by the channel. My comment went up after about thirty five minutes, confirming their is some form of comment curation going on.
Picture from my Google account showing my negative comments...
Once I had established I was able to comment on Intellivision videos I went ahead and made a negative comment on the video. I also edited my initial comment to be negative. After almost an hour my negative comment was still not approved. My edited comment was also taken down, presumably to go through the moderator curation once again.
As you seen in Google guest mode, my negative comments are missing...
After running this test it is clear to me that Intellivision is trying to create a false reality where everyone is excited about the Amico. Positive comments with cuss words are clearly posted so the idea that this was all being done to maintain a "family friendly" image is completely false. I'm not sure if Intellivision and Tommy Tallarico are using the fact that their Amico videos are all positive to market this new console to places like Wal-Mart or the mommy blogs he has mentioned in interviews, but if he is then it is clearly false advertisement.

Many companies and YouTube personalities have tried creating fake buzz in similar manners and each time they have seen their products fail as actual reality was never behind them. I was already weary about the Amico, which was what led to the initial research, but now I'm almost sure it will be a spectacular failure. I have reached out via Twitter to the official Intellivisionaccount as well as Tommy's personal account but so far I have received no reply. Should Intellivision or Tommy Tallarico himself reach out to offer a statement I would be glad to print it.

I was recently made aware that a YouTube creator wanted evidence of claims made against Intellivision and I decided to link him this post. As I read over the post I realized I never update it to add in the fact that several comments on the video that got me channel banned contained cuss words. I am doing so here.

I know some will say "damn" isn't a cuss word, while others will agree it is, but to me it is in a grey area. So, this may be offensive to a certain section of Intellivision's audience, it may not be so to the person moderating the comments.

Now, I don't think a single person will tell me that a F - Bomb is not a cuss word. So, any talk that comments were curated due to language seems to fall flat as these 2 comments were approved and are still live on that Intellivision video