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Captain Marvel 2 doesn't have a writer yet...

Recently a rumor has been floating around the internet that says Kelly Sue DeConnick would be the writer for the upcoming film, Captain Marvel 2. This has many MCU fans questioning how bad Captain Marvel will be, due to the fact that Kelly Sue DeConnick holds some pretty controversial views. Kelly Sue DeConnick has expressed support for democracy in Iran. As her Twitter avatar, at the time of writing this, show she stands with the Writers Guild of America. She is a feminist. She is staunchly anti-Trump. However, the one thing Kelly Sue DeConnick is not it the writer for Captain Marvel 2.

This rumor and the fear/backlash against Kelly Sue DeConnick was started by a site called SausageRoll. They wrote in their Article that Disney hired Kelly and "She is an uber feminist, never Trumper, pro-Iranian and Islam activist… but most importantly… an avid comic book reader, massive nerd and passionate geek." The article went on to tie Kelly to GamerGate and ComicsGate. What Sausage Roll didn't tell us was who told them Kelly had been hired as the writer on Captain Marvel 2. The site would go on to Tweet evidence of their scoop, an IMDB listing showing Kelly as the writer. Except, she's not listed as the writer. The IMDB page has a "writer" section and Kelly's name does indeed appear in this section but a "(based on the character by)" appears next to her name. Stan Lee is also listed in a similar fashion. 

While many have realized this was just clickbait created by SausageRoll, there are still many who believe this ridiculous rumor. Captain Marvel is already the internet most polarizing character, so it's not hard to see why SausageRoll would make this rumor up to farm clicks. This who fiasco does have me curious who is going to write Captain Marvel 2. Personally, I'd love to see the Captain Marvel writers replaced by Jon Favreau. The work he has done with The Mandalorian shows he can take a failing franchise and turn it into a hit the fans and critics enjoy. If you want to know why I want the writers replaced, then check out my Captain Marvel review. Are you excited for Captain Marvel 2? What villains or heroes would you like to see in the sequel? Leave a comment below and be sure to share this with everyone you know on all your social media platforms.

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