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Amir Fassihi taken to Iranian court over his game Children of Morta, Moral Police involved

On January 4, 2020 Amir Fassihi, Dead Mage Inc. founder and team lead, made a shocking Tweet that said, in Persian, his team was summoned before the Moral Security. The tweet was quickly deleted by Amir, but an archive of it exist here. For those not wanting to click on the link, I will show the contents of the tweet, as well as a Google translation, below.

Original Tweet 
امروز به پلیس امنیت اخلاقی احضار شدیم برای پرونده شکایت از فرزندان مورتا.
گفته شده در بازی رقص هست، بی حجابی هست، ذکری از خدا نیست، از جادو برای مبارزه با شیاطین استفاده شده و مراسم تدفینی وجود داره که اسلامی نیست.

Translation via Google
"We were summoned to the Moral Security Police today to file a complaint against the children of Morta.
It is said that there is dance in the game, there is no veil, no mention of God, magic is used to fight the demons and there is a funeral that is not Islamic."

The events after the initial tweet are a bit hazy due to Google translating Persian on my behalf, but I think I have a basic understanding. According to Amir Fasihi, someone made a complaint to the "Muttawa" AKA the religious police of Iran. Amir went on to say he now understands that the ethics of Iranian society have been compromised. In a follow up Tweet Amir would clarify that fixing Iran was an internal matter to be handled by its people.

I have reached out to Amir, so hopefully he responds and answers some questions we have about this matter. We have been able to learn that Dead Mage Inc. is based in Pasadena, Texas but it is unclear where Amir and his staff reside. It is also unclear, but very likely, that Amir and the Dead Mage team have family living in Iran.This is all we know at the current moment but as soon as we learn more we will update the story.