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2 new, to the West, "Kansen" to debut in Azur Lane Crosswave

Azur Lane Crosswave is getting ready to make its debut on Western PCs and PS4 consoles and it is bring 2 brand new shipgirls with it. Shimakaze and Suruga, the newest members of the Sakura Empire, are set to make their Azur Lane debut in Azur Lane Crosswave. Although the game is already available in Japan, this will be the first time Western audiences gets their hands on this pair of Kansen.
An up-and-coming rookie that joined the fleet well after Ayanami did. She's quick and a great listener: talents which she utilizes on the battlefield. Unfortunately, she seems to lack a sense of danger, so it's not unusual to find her in unexpected trouble. She is constantly reminded to be careful, which she takes to heart, and is showing growth as she prepares to join the Joint Military Exercise. Of course, many of her seniors get first pick at good opportunities to fight, but she is still seeking to become the MVP along with her partner, Suruga, as she cleverly works her way to bend the rules of the event.

Her Sub Story
Shimakaze is a student, and is preparing for her report on "the grandeur of the Royal Navy." What will Shimakaze do to put her report together?
A brand new member of the Sakura Empire fleet who joined at the same time as Shimakaze. She wants to show that she can handle any work assigned to her. Upon first glance, she seems difficult to approach, but that's only because she's trying to hide her personality issues and her kindness. That said, she is having a hard time getting rid of the stress building within her, and keeps pointing out oddities inside her mind. One day, during an exercise, she ends up partnering with Shimakaze. Little did she know that this would change her fate quite drastically...

Her Sub Story
Suruga goes to visit a popular band, and there she meets someone she didn't expect! Will she be able to handle the situation...?

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