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SJWs don't understand video games Pt 1: Video games are not art or political

When in doubt, post Pablo Romero art
Hello and welcome to another attempt by me to expose the lies and misdirection SJWs use when they talk about video games. I had previously touched upon the ugly truth about diversity twice before, you can read them here and here, but today I am going to pull back and discuss one of the broader points SJWs use in their misunderstanding of video games. Enough padding, let's get right to it.

SJW Argument: Games are art and all art is political!
There is so much wrong with this statement it hurts. First off, video games are not art. You can be upset with that statement of fact but it is what it is. Now, that isn't to say that video games can't be artistic or even approaching the idea of being art. However, video games in their current form and function are simply not art. If video games aren't art then what are they, I hear you ask as you prepare to rip me a new one in the comments. To put it plainly, video games are either an experience or simply just a game.

Now, I'm sure all the intellectuals and art connoisseurs in my audience are having none of this. They are ready to cite various critics, artist, and other "intellectuals" in some insane attempt to put me in my place. Let me assure you, I can go citation for citation with you all day. Furthermore, art is not defined by consensus or authoritative decree. If such a thing was so, then surely some of the greatest works of art would be mere footnotes in some book on how not to produce art. Or, are you dear reader of the opinion that the works of Monet, Duchamp, Warhol, and Dali are not true art?

Art, as you already know, has no true definition. Entire lectures have been, and will be, given on the very concept of what is "art." To avoid turning this article in to one such lecture, let us agree that the definition of art is "a work who intended purpose is to create an emotion in the observer's mind." To put it simply, art touches you deeply, without even asking for consent! All jokes aside, video games seem to check this box off quite neatly. And there in lies the rub, as video games only seem to check the box off. In truth, video games can never truly be considered art because you are not an observer, you are a participant. While you can experience emotions, that you are very much intended to experience, other activities such as sports, sex, and eating can deliver deep emotions but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who considers those things art.

"Fine", the SJWs cry out before proclaiming that "EVERYTHING is political!" Again, this is also grossly incorrect. Saying this completely erases the creators intent when they created the video game. "Of course it does!" The SJW shrieks, "Barthes in his 1967 essay La mort de l'auteur(Death of the author) has taught us that we must disregard the author and their intent when discussing the meaning of a work." This reasoning, that every SJW clings to for dear life, is complete horse shit. It is nothing more than Barthes' attempt to place himself in a position where his views could not be challenged. No wonder why SJWs love it.

Now I am just a lowly asshole on the internet but even I can see the utter insanity of this line of thinking. To say nothing of the ability to accuse creators of any number of thought crimes based on nothing more than your interpretation of their work. If my personal stamp of disapproval is not good enough for you then I suggest reading the 1968 essay, 'Did Meursault mean to kill the Arab?‐The Intentional FaIlacy Fallacy' by A. D. Nuttall. As I said, I can go citation for citation.

Tangent over, back to authorial intent. The concept of authorial intent is not the be all end all by no means but it should be used as a road map to try to arrive at the destination the author intends you to reach. Sure, some authors may wind up creating a work like the Jungle where the intent varies wildly from the message of the work. However, this is a rare event brought on by either incompetence or lack of ability to create that which you intend. With that in mind, the vast majority of video games were intended to be nothing more than entertainment. No heavy messages or deep hidden political ideology.

"Well, the games that are intended to be political are political!" Obvious statements are obvious. The fact that a few games are political doesn't mean ALL games are political or that those that are political are good. Quite the opposite in fact, as most political games are the drizzling shits. "AHA!" exclaims the SJW, "You just said Bioshock and Metal Gear Solid are garbage games. Your an idiot!" Before you squeal with piggy glee allow me to burst your bubble. When a SJW says political and when a gamer says political, they mean different things. Shocking, I know.

For a SJW, who looks at the entire world through a political lens, calling something political means anything and everything. If a character buys items in a game, it's a commentary on capitalism. Is your character poor, it's a critique of class inequality. Does your character eat food, oh man its fat shaming and a call back to the famous "Let them eat cake" quote that sparked the French Revolution! Looking at the world in that way must be tiring.

In contrast, when a gamer says political they mean current day real world politics being ham fisted into a video game where it doesn't fit. The Legend of Zelda doesn't need an evil orange skin king trying to build a wall to keep moblins out of Hyrule. I'm not playing Devil May Cry to be told why Brexit is a dumb move. Gamers have no issue with political themes in video games as long as they fit the narrative and don't beat you over the head with their "enlightened" view. We get it, you're bored of your gate community life and need to lecture me about privilege to feel good. Unfortunately for you, after I finish my 10 hour shift at the warehouse I just want to tea bag some noobs in Halo.

Okay, I've written way more than necessary so I'm going to wrap this up. SJWs don't understand video games because they don't understand art, life, or enjoyment. They actively look for things to upset themselves over while ignoring the intentions of the creators. To say it plainly, SJWs are narcissistic and believe their opinions are fact and no amount of truth will dissuade their mad screeching.

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