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New Arc of Alchemist screenshots and character details

We previously talked about the Western release of Arc of Alchemist so if you are unfamiliar with the game I suggest you go back and read that article before this one. No rush, we will wait for you to get back. Okay, now that everyone is on the same page let's discuss the new details revealed about the game. All information comes from the official Arc of Alchemist website.
Jester Silverhawk 
Within the expedition team, he acts as the reconnaissance member, actively gathering information. He is stoic, yet extremely devoted towards his missions. He is logical, accurately and calmly reading situations before acting. Only on the rarest of occasions is he ever seen in a fluster. He had also participated in the desert expedition 20 years ago that ended in failure, causing him to reckon with a past that nearly resulted in his demise.
Darius Kendrix
An officer of Neuhaven with a long and decorated history. His axe has crushed the helmets of a thousand soldiers, and he is one of the few people within Garett's close circle. He is something of a family man who enjoys cooking for his wife and children.
Garett Van Dyne
Leader of Neuhaven's Expedition Team. He has a reputation for being cruel and cold-hearted, but he cares deeply for his family and his subordinates. Because of their allegiances, he and Quinn are enemies, but he is nonetheless curious about her.
 As you notice in 2 of the screenshots, Jester and Darius become members of your team. I'm guessing that Garett also joins your team but I have no proof of that. I'm sure we will find out before Arc of Alchemist arrives on Western shores in 2020. In the meantime, I suggest you explore the official website and get ready to pick this interesting RPG game up when it becomes available.

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