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Trails of Cold Steel III is missing 1 swimsuit DLC from its Western release

On October 22, 2019 the 2017 Falcom game Trails of Cold Steel III was brought to Western markets by publisher NIS America. NIS America also localized the multitude of DLC available for the game with 1 exception, the red and pink two piece swimsuit for Juna(Yuuna). This fact didn't go unnoticed by fans of the game and some reached out to NIS America to find out what was going on. NIS America initially ignored emails but eventually replied to a few people on Facebook. The message those fans received was typical corporate speak.
"Thanks for reaching out. We are currently aware of the DLC discrepancy between the Japanese/SEA versions of available DLC, and we will be sure to update fans when we have any future news regarding this DLC. We appreciate your patience and support in the meantime."
This is no surprise as NIS America has a policy to not draw attention to rumors and/or speculation. In fact, I was told almost exactly that by a NISA staff member when I reached out for a comment. After talking to a few more NISA staff members I was told "only thing i can say is that we're working to release it as soon as we can, but no defined release date" Despite not willing to give me any definitive information on the record, all NISA staff members I talked to were adamant in noting this DLC was not missing due to censorship.

With the recent censorious actions from Sony you may find it hard to believe NISA staff when they make that claim. I don't blame you. I jumped to that conclusion when this issue was first brought to my attention. Nothing NISA has said on the record has changed my mind either. However, I have been told a few things off the record from sources inside NISA that, if they are true, lead me to believe the NISA staff are indeed being honest when they say this is not a censorship issue. Hopefully everything will be cleared up soon and Western fans will be able to enjoy Juna's swimsuit outfit. To see what you are missing out on, I embedded a video from akutsu24.

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  1. We need a PC Port of this game asap

    1. Dlc is coming over...


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