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Azur Lane is turning a bug into a feature after fans said they liked it!

If for some reason you can't read the tweet, allow me to quote it.
We have heard you requests to not fix the issue where the illustration/L2D of your secretaries can be zoomed in/out through certain tricks. Consequently, HQ will leave it the way it is, and will make this a new function and implement it into the game in future updates. 
So, now the ability to zoom in and out on secretaries will be added to the game officially because fans of the game expressed their appreciation for this ability and Azur Lane actually listened. If more developers did this very simple thing then controversies like the lack of a National Pokedex in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield games would no longer happen. Fans are more than willing to throw their money at developers who actually give them what they want from a game. Which makes it so shocking that so few developers listen to their fans, instead telling them they know what the fans want more than the fans do. Here's hoping that what Azur Lane did becomes the norm and not something so shocking and notable that a story needs to be written about it.

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