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#FreeHongKong - Ten Memes to help you show your support of human rights for Hong Kong

A few days ago Blizzard issued a year long ban, reduced to 6 months as of writing this, to Hearthstone player Blitzchung. Blizzard also decided to take away his hard earned prize money, although they agreed afterword that Blitzchung deserved the money, in an effort to make an example out of him. Additionally, 2 casters were fired from their jobs. Why? The answer is quite simple, Blitzchung expressed his support of Hong Kong which directly threatens Blizzard's ability to get that sweet Chinese money. Thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of Blitzchung many people have finally opened their eyes to the evils China is inflicting on the Hong Kong people. Those who wish to lend support to Hong Kong can meet up on Discord, in the unofficial Free Hong Kong server. Another way to support the people of Hong Kong is to meme the shit out of the Chinese government and it's leader Winnie Xi Pooh. Here are some of my favorite memes you might want to plaster all over social media.

Mei would have stopped the Tiananmen Square Massacre 天安门大屠杀

Not sure why they used the same pic of Winnie the Pooh dressed up twice

These ARE the human rights you are looking for!

They will try...

Blizzard working hard to get Pooh's sweet hunny

If you're score is too low then you can't play WoW!

Can one evil global force can stop another evil global force?

Not since the Burning Crusade...

And they would have gotten human rights
 if it wasn't for you meddling Blizzard executives

Chinese Karen, after speaking to the manager she's still offended an hour later.