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Fallout '76 introduces a new $100 a year subscription: Everyone (who doesn't own the game) hated that!

Fallout '76 has introduced a new monthly/yearly subscription service called Fallout 1st. It will cost $12.99 a month or $100, 36% overall saving, per year. Being a Fallout 1st member nets you several benefits such as a private world, a bottomless scrapbox, a survival tent, 1,650 atoms per month, a special Ranger Armor set, and several icons and emotes.
1,650 Atoms is about $15 worth of premium Fallout currency
If you end your Fallout 1st subscription you will lose all your benefits except the Ranger Armor set and the unique icons and emotes as long as you claimed them before ending your subscription. Additionally, you will still be able to remove crafting components from your scrapbox but you won't be able to deposit any more components in it. It should also be noted that Atoms received from a Fallout 1st membership can only be used on the platform from which you bought your membership.
$12.99 a month or $100 per year
As of the time of writing this the reactions to this from Fallout '76 players is pretty mixed. There are those who want to throw as much money at Bethesda as they can while there is also a contingent of players ready to uninstall the game. The reactions on Reddit, Twitter, and the Fallout forums all follow this pattern of people who love the idea and those who absolutely hate it, with a few people who don't really care either way.

Personally, I see so much wrong with the base Fallout '76 experience that I think releasing a subscription service, filled with things players have been asking for since launch, is a really dumb move. The Atoms they are giving you pay for the service as they are giving you about $15 worth for $12.99, $8.30 if you get the year subscription, so if you are a person who regularly buys Atoms the Fallout 1st offer is probably a good deal to you. However, if you are a veteran player then I bet there isn't anything worthwhile left in the shop to spend the atoms on.

Fallout '76 want to be both a standard pay and play game as well as a freemium game and that is really hurting this product. Bethesda needs to either give everyone $60 worth of Atoms and go free to play or close down the ability to purchase Atoms for cash and put in some better content to justify this as a game you purchase. I know Todd Howard won't do either but it would be nice if he at least got his staff to fix all the bugs in Fallout '76 before he tried to gauge the fanbase for some more money.

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