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Court of Ashes comes to Steam on October 10th

Court of Ashes is a choice driven narrative strategy game from Cratel Studios. You can pick the game up on October 10, 2019 for $9.99 via Steam. This is the debut game for Cratel Studios, a two man one pug development team, and has been the studios passion project since 2017.
The game places you in the role of 1 of 5 royal advisors as you attempt to steer the kingdom through instability, internal struggles, and foreign invasion. You will be tasked with managing the limited resources of your land through different scenarios. To achieve your goals you will need to interact, build relationships, and manage alliances with an array of colorful characters. The game is said to feature 18 different endings, a multitude of sub-endings for characters you meet along your journey, and unlockable outfits for your advisor.

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