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Warriors Orochi 4 gets an Ultimate update

The 2018 hack and slash game Warriors Orochi 4 is getting an Ultimate update on December 19, 2019, February 14th 2020 for Europe and North America, and we have all the latest details that have been revealed so far. First off, if you have already purchased Warriors Orochi 4 then you can simply upgrade your game digitally to the Ultimate version. Those who have yet to buy Warriors Orochi 4 can buy the Ultimate Version which has both the original content as well as the Ultimate upgrade content.
The original Warriors Orochi 4 had a whopping 170 playable characters. The Ultimate update adds 7 playable characters (6 having been revealed) to the roster, bringing the grand total to a staggering 177 different playable characters. Returning from previous Warriors Orochi games are 3 guest characters, Ryu Hayabusa of Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden fame, Joan of Arc from Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War, and Achilles from Warriors: Legends of Troy.
Additionally the Ultimate update adds 3 brand new characters to the game. Gaia, Hades, and Erlang/Yang Jian. Gaia is the Greek deity of the Earth and she is set to help the heroes put a stop to the plans of Odin and Orochi. Hades, the brother of Zeus, joins with his brother to discover the true intentions of the Norse god Loki. There isn't much known about what role Erlang/Yang Jian will play but he most likely will join the other Mystics in assisting the heroes on their quest.
Alongside the new characters, the Ultimate update brings new storylines, modes, more weapons and sacred treasures, and a "true ending" to the game. These new storylines will flesh out some of the characters, such as Zeus, that were not fully explored in Warriors Orochi 4. The new "true" ending being added will hopefully keep open the possibility of further games in the series and not end this crossover series once and for all.
It was also revealed that populare Japanese voice actress Saori Hayami will lend her talent to the Ultimate update as both a voice of Gaia and the singer of the new Warriors Orochi 4Ultimate theme song. This title track will be available in both Japanese as well as English when the game launches in North America.
For those unaware as to what Warriors Orochi 4 is, allow me to sum it up thus. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate combines romanticized versions of historical Chinese and Japanese heroes with mythological figures from Japanese, Chinese, Norse, and Greek legends into a fast paced hack and slash orgy of action. You join a coalition of heroes trying to stop Orochi from destroying the world, again, and uncover how he was able to return to life once more.

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